Policy Accommodation Initiatives and Research (PAIR)

PAIR advocates on issues of governance, peace, reconciliation and development in South Sudan.

The Policy Accommodation Initiatives and Research (PAIR) advocates on issues of governance, peace, reconciliation and development in South Sudan. PAIR is a policy and advocacy organization that works with all actors including parliaments, government and private sectors to advance  human dignity through research and constituency dialogue for peace, stability and democracy.

Their goal is to empower and strengthen the idea of active citizens and enable them to hold power accountable. The organisation also works toward inclusive stability and peace across communities, intellectual institutions, and INGOs/NNGOs through advocacy in the South Sudan.

PAIR, is a local policy and advocacy organization and its advocating for enabling conditions for peace, development and participation of local communities in decision making process particularly, women and young people.

PAIR does it works through dialogues and research into peace and conflict in South Sudan. The the organisation calls for the causes of conflict to be addressed through economics transformation, good governance and transformation of agricultural investment, human rights and democracy and by researching environmental and security challenge entrenched power and gender inequalities that perpetuate risks and vulnerabilities for women and support the right to resources and capacities building of local institutions.

The organisation is currently holding consultative meetings with other civil society organizations in Juba in order to address gap between policy on gender, governance and institutions as well as peace, reconciliation and development. PAIR is contributing to the ongoing IGAD mediated peace process in Addis Ababa.

Previous work includes leading advocacy at the UN Security Council on an arms trade treaty, humanitarian issues and the UN forces mandate renewal. The organisation has met with other donors and NGOS in Washington DC about ways to restore peace and stability in South Sudan.

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