Radio AZAD 97.8

RA seeks to help journalists in Afghanistan and raise media standards by providing independent and accurate news and civic programs through radio.

Radio Azad was established to influence Afghanistan’s post-conflict environment by broadcasting independent voices and pluralistic programming framed by themes of democratic process, social change, human empowerment, and sustainable peace.

The station was developed to promote transparent, accountable, and participatory development in the post-conflict area as it transits from violence to peace. Radio Azad is strategically positioned to become a powerful voice in the development of Afghanistan. The area continues its struggle with meaningful and sustainable development in a post-conflict setting, but Radio Azad's team is strengthening its capacity to increase public access to information and multi-media communication resources. Radio Azad is quite private and not affiliated to any party or government.

We engaged in radio broadcasting and producing commercial spots, producing and broadcasting of radio drama, different round tables, social and cultural programs. Our main focus is producing and broadcasting programs that have set upon independent and democratic themes for approaching social change and peaceful thematic areas. Radio Azad since its establishment works at different parts such as peacebuilding processes, human rights, gender equality, fostering of good and sustainable agriculture in order to find better alternatives for narcotics and intoxicants, enhancing of good and accountable local governance for reaching to social change, promotion of democracy/human rights, and promotion of civic values among the people through radio program broadcasting, social media, and training programs.

Radio Azad since its establishment has been reached to the objectives of its projects and programs on peace, security, human and women rights, promotion of democracy, etc... thematic areas.


Mission: Radio Azad’s mission is to provide open media radio transmission in Afghanistan’s northern provinces and target the region’s significant youth population by delivering positive and interactive programming, meaningful civil dialogue, and showcasing regional youth innovative and creative talents.

Vision: Radio Azad’s vision is to become the primary market leader for open media in the northern provinces of Afghanistan. Radio Azad is an advocate for the rights and safety of women and children, civil dialogue and interaction, community development, and the elimination of poppy cultivation. Radio Azad seeks to help journalists and raise media standards through providing independent and accurate news and civic programs through its FM radio channel.

One of the best examples of Radio Azad's efforts toward peacebuilding in Afghanistan is recognizing one of the Radio Azad’s team members, Ms. Khojasta Sameyee, as the winner of an international Peace Prize. Ms. Khojasta Sameyee the Women Program Manager of Radio Azad, has been announced as one of the receivers of the UNDP/N-PeaceAwards 2018 Peace Prize from Afghanistan due to her effective activities on women, peace, and security sections in a tough competition and based on the direct and online votes of the people among 54 nominees around the Asia. The UNDP/N-Peace Prize usually awards those who directly involved in peace-building processes in the Asian countries which fortunately this year Ms. Khojasta Sameyee, Radio Azad’s team member, on behalf of Afghanistan could be awarded a prize from this institution. This obviously shows our effective intervention on the peacebuilding process, promotion of democracy, gender equality, and human and women rights.

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