Research Institute for Women Peace & Security (RIWPS)

RIWPS focuses on women’s meaningful participation in the peace processes as well as building a community based inclusive peace in Afghanistan.

Research Institute for Women Peace & Security (RIWPS) was established by Afghan women activists, following the first Consultative Peace Jirga in Afghanistan during 2010, based on an identified need for a specific organization working on issues of women peace & security.

RIWPS is working closely with the High Peace Council focusing on women’s meaningful participation in the peace processes as well as with the local organizations and activists for building community based inclusive peace. Other local stakeholders include the Women’s Affairs Commission of the Parliament (both houses), the Afghan Women’s Coalition, the Shelter’s Network in Afghanistan.

The Institute’s projects and programmes consist of the following mutually supporting strategies:

Research and evidence

The Institute identifies research priorities, partners (or utilizes existing women groups) and deploys a suite of research and build evidence around women, peace & security grassroots and national levels. The research priorities are identified in a series of consultation with relevant stakeholders in the country.

Advocacy through knowledge sharing

The Institute aims to increase the visibility, sharing, dissemination, and utilization of the knowledge that is generated from community and provincial research and documentation projects to national, regional and international actors. Through exchange of information, advocacy campaigns and other forms of alternative policy advocacy on policy leaders and practitioners. This information is also used to guide and advance implementation of donor countries’ National Action Plans on UNSCR 1325. Promoting intellectual knowledge created through grassroots research and mobilization by independent grants of fellowship and scholarship to national, regional and international scholars and activists of women, peace and security doing case studies, comparative studies, and other forms of knowledge resource that supports national and global advocacy campaigns.

Training and empowerment

The Institute works to mobilize the grassroots and community level women leaders with the overall belief that they are able to contribute significantly if they are engaged in the local governance and community based peace-building mechanisms and with skills of advocacy and lobbying they will be able to engage with those existing structures. Exchange programs as well as advanced training in research, advocacy and lobbying skills for women leaders at the community levels are used to ensure women are better able to influence national peace processes and peace & security policies and programmes through linking research, policy and practice.

Co-ordination with other stakeholders

RIWPS is working to establish coordination mechanisms with the provincial governance structures and national High Peace Council, Provincial Peace Councils, Afghanistan Peace & Reintegration Programme (APRP) Joint Secretariat, and security institutions such as Ministry of Interior, and Defense.

Past projects

  • Sexual Gender Based Violence Sensitization & Tracking Capacity Building for Public Health Practitioners, Ministry of Public Health & HPIC (April-June 2012)
  • Facilitation of National Strategy for Inclusive Peace with Afghanistan Civil Society Network for Peace & Oxfam GB (June 2012)
  • RIWPS- Afghanistan co-organized and facilitated the first Provincial Peace Hearing in Parwan province following the stoning case. This hearing brought together over 150 government officials, members of the local shuras, religious experts and mosque Imams together with local women organizations and CSOs to ensure government's accountability for women's security in Parwan.
  • Research & Capacity Building for women's inclusion in peace & reintegration for the female members of the Provincial Peace Councils.
  • Research & Evidence gathering on women's rights and human rights abuses by the Afghan Local Police (ALP) in Kunduz & other surrounding provinces.
  • Review of the Women's Guide to Security Sector Reform from Afghanistan women's rights perspective & RIWPS experience with The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of the Armed Forces (DCAF) and The Institute for Inclusive Security (July-August 2012)
  • Research Brief on Afghan Women & Security Transition in Afghanistan, with International Civil Society Action Network (Aug-Sep 2012).
  • Access to Justice is a Woman's Security- A Baseline Study on the implementation of Elimination of Violence against women law.

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