Women’s Capacity Building and Development Organisation (WCBDO)

WCBDO is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of women’s right, capacity building and education.

Women’s Capacity Building and Development Organisation (WCBDO) is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation in Kabul, formed by a group of dedicated young Afghan Women to promote women’s rights, capacity building and education. It registered in 2010 with the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

WCBDO concentrates on four areas of concern:

  • Advocacy and lobbying for women’s rights: to bring a united voice for women’s rights and join the ongoing efforts and endeavours of other civil society organisations.
  • Women’s empowerment through capacity building: to enable women to stand for their rights and raise a united voice against injustice and sexual discrimination in public and private settings.
  • Human rights awareness: to facilitate the understanding, respect and practice of human rights among women and enable them to discuss, advocate and lobby for their rights.
  • Advocacy for the education of women: to enable women to support themselves and their families economically.


A healthy, hygienic environment and a well developed Afghanistan, free of economic problems, unemployment, injustice and social discrimination.


To contribute and take a roll in capacity building and the development of women in human rights, women's rights, rule of law, access to justice in rural areas, children's rights, social and economic development, healthcare and environmental care, education, vocational training, agriculture and animal husbandry.


The goal of the organisation is to build the capacity of women in regard to their talents in different sectors and provide them with opportunities for learning and work.

Project Activities

CEDAW Research Project (2015)

The Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) funded Research Projects in three provinces (Panjsheer, Kapisa and Parwan). WCBDO conducted research for government agencies to obtain specific figures on violence against women in each provinces.

International Women’s Day (2015)

WCBDO implemented International Women’s Day, with AWN in the Kapisa Province and the participation of 70 young women, as well as Counterpart International in Kabul and the participation of more than 200 young women. WCBDO has selected 18 young girls living in poverty for a one year English Course Scholarship Programme in the Pohan English Language Institute.

One Billion Rising (2015)

One in three women in the world are beaten or raped in their lifetime; that is one billion women violated. In these times, women across the country are gathering and demanding an end to violence against women. On February 14th 2015, WCBDO celebrated the global uprising of One Billion Rising (OBR) to end violence and sexual harassment against women and girls in three provinces of Afghanistan (Zabul, Kapisa and Nimroz) with AWN.

NATO Summit (2014)

WCBDO is an active member of AWN, which implemented a project in the Parwan Province and gathered women to share their suggestions and ideas for the NATO summit which was held in Landon.

Presidential Election (2014)

WCBDO has implemented both first and second presidential elections in the Khost Province (funded by FEFA).

Advocacy for Nomadic rights (Kochi) - (2013)

WCBDO, with the help of AWN, has been advocating for Nomadic Rights. WCBDO took part in the OBR Campaign of 2013, raising awareness via social media and campaigns. They completed this project on February 14th, 2013, by organising a walk from Darul Aman To Sae Rahi Alawoden, with the participation of more than 20 civil society organisations.

Rising Election Campaign Awareness (2013)

Gathering women for an Awareness Raising Campaign for elections in Kabul, Kapisa, Kunduz, and the Farah Province.

Ribbon Campaign (2012)

WCBDO implemented and took part in 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence in the 2012 Ribbon campaign, 16 Days, a global movement to end violence against women and girls. The campaign was launched via facebook and reached schools and universities.

In Afghanistan violence against women is illegal, yet thousands of women and girls are affected by violence and sexual abuse every year. There are women and girls from all sectors of society who live in an unsafe situation. Many are victims of forced marriage, underage marriages and sometimes are sexually abused by their husbands. Not enough women know their rights and how to defend them, which is why WCBDO feels responsible to take action and stand against violence in Afghanistan. The US Embassy supported this campaign.

One Billion Rising (2012)

WCBDO celebrates OBR Day every year by supporting AWN. WCBDO celebrated Peace Day by gathering 300 women in its office under the direct supervision of AWN.

Advocacy for women right in 8th March and maintaining Human Dignity (2012)

WCBDO led research on victim cases with three organisations. This resulted in a publication under the Dunya Network and a book on maintaining human dignity. On the 8th of March, the organisation held a book signing and advocacy campaign for maintaining human dignity for women. The project is not yet finished, but an advocacy booklet will be published, raising awareness for both boys and girls in school and university.

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