In this month's edition, Local Peacebuilding Experts from Yemen, Syria, Sierra Leone, Niger and Nepal provide their latest analysis of conflict in their areas - and what it means for peacebuilders. Lire plus »

10 Avril 2018

Peace Direct's latest report presents the analysis and recommendations of atrocity prevention and peacebuilding from experts and practitioners from across the globe, and advocates for the recognition of the critical role that local civil society and locally-led peacebuilding approaches play in preventing and stopping atrocities. Lire plus »

06 Avril 2018

Peace Direct cherche des candidatures d'organisations intéressées à prendre part dans le Peace Exchange Mali qui aura lieu du 8 au 10 mai 2018 à Bamako. Lire plus »

05 Avril 2018


April 2018

This month’s Peace Insight newsletter features resources on practical peacebuilding tools, atrocity prevention, and more. Lire plus »

06 Avril 2018

How the United Nations Can Harness 'People Power'

The United Nations has acknowledged that a vital element in peacebuilding is nonviolent, grassroots movements that can prevent violent conflict by providing ways for people to constructively address grievances, seek rights and advance justice. This collective action, by broad coalitions rooted in their communities, achieves success primarily through their size and diversity—that is, their inclusiveness. Lire plus »

Peace Media’s Digital Disconnect

Peacebuilders have long tried to bring peacebuilding out of the shadows and into the light, but it remains poorly seen and poorly understood. Why is that and what can they learn? Lire plus »

07 Mars 2018

Introducing 'Peace Dispatch'

Today, Peace Insight launches a brand new tool and exciting feature: Peace Dispatch provides real time analysis on instances of violence as they happen. Peace Dispatch is a unique new feature, mapping live incidences of violence and peacebuilding initiatives. It brings together instances of violent outbreaks alongside instances of local peacebuilding, showing exactly what is being done to halt violence and build peace in the aftermath. Lire plus »

06 Mars 2018

Tsvangirai’s death brings new hope for Zimbabwean civil society

The death of Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe's long-time opposition leader, has left Zimbabwean civil society in limbo - and his party now has to manage a precarious leadership transition ahead of landmark presidential elections. Lire plus »

28 Février 2018

Knowledge Transformation: what can we learn from peacebuilding?

The fields of knowledge management and peacebuilding have a lot in common. Eva Steketee asks, what happens when we look at management as transformation, what can we learn about process, not just the outcome. Lire plus »

09 Février 2018

February 2018

This month’s Peace Insight newsletter features articles on aid localisation, perceptions of UN peacekeeping, and more. Lire plus »

01 Février 2018

Two bridges: how to forgive the unforgiveable

What lessons can forgiveness after Colombia's 50-year war have for the USA? Ariel Safdie analyses the current context in the country, and encourages us all to play a part in building bridges and being peacebuilders in a world that appears to be increasingly divided. Lire plus »

26 Janvier 2018

What terminating the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) of Salvadorans in the United States means for El Salvador

On 8 January, the United States terminated the Temporary Protected Status for El Salvadorans living in the country, affecting nearly 200,000 people. Hector Barrios assess the economic risks this poses for the country's peace and stability. Lire plus »

19 Janvier 2018

The Congo’s political crisis is stirring deadly violence in Kasai and beyond

International Refugee Rights Initiative (IRRI) published a new report about violence and displacement in the Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It describes how attacks by a militia were followed by abusive military operations and mass killings by a pro-government militia, causing the death and displacement of hundreds of thousands. Lire plus »

18 Janvier 2018