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Early warning in DRC

Peace Direct has undertaken a comprehensive research and mapping project in DRC in order help identify the range of activities in this area in order to support better collaboration and identify possible areas for future activities. Working with Congolese peacebuilding expert, Eddy Byamungu Lwaboshi, and UK based researcher, Craig Walker, we have researched both international organisations and local Congolese organisations active in early warning projections. The research was completed via a wide range of semi-structured interviews plus field visits and calls to many of the featured organisations.

Here, you can browse information on 10 international early warning projects, and 32 local organisations involved in early warning.


Our research demonstrates that there are a wide range of high quality programmes that are identifying and directly intervening to prevent conflicts on a wide range of issues, from land conflicts to demobilisation and reintegration of militas. However, a frequently voiced opinion in the interviews we conducted was that there was not enough sharing of information or collaboration between those different projects. We hope the mapping can provide a practical resource to aid increased coordination between actors, whilst also facilitating more support to local groups active in this area.

For more information on this research and our findings, please contact: Ruairi Nolan, Peace Direct:

Note: Peace Direct will continue to update this mapping in the coming months, so please check back for more information.

Profiles of the Congolese organisations are still in French. Full translations of all text will be added in the coming weeks.