Peacebuilder Bulletin: February 2014

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Funding for organisations

DAC Prize 2014

The DAC Prize for Taking Development Innovation to Scale is awarded for taking an innovative approach, instrument, mechanism beyond the pilot phase to a wider application. The objective of the Prize is to promote the scaling-up of innovations that address important development gaps. Deadline: 31 March 2014. Find out more

Prince Claus Fund: Project proposals for cultural initiatives

Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development is inviting proposals with creative and innovative ideas that promote equality and opportunity for ‘Culture in Defiance’ 2014. The major aim of the funding opportunity is to promote art and culture that seek to re-imagine possibilities, by creating a space for dialogue, critical thinking and impact in their societies. Deadline: 28 February 2014Find out more

Overseas Refugee Assistance Programs for Near East and South Asia

Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration has announced funding opportunity for NGO programs benefiting Afghan Returnees and IDPs in Afghanistan and Afghan Refugees in Pakistan. The purpose of this program is to strongly encourage organizations which focuses on problems regarding Afghan Returnees and IDPs in Afghanistan and Afghan Refugees in Pakistan.Deadline: 18 March 2014. Find out more

SEED Awards 2014

SEED Initiative, a global partnership for action on sustainable development and the green economy, is accepting applications for SEED Awards 2014. The award is open for innovative ideas from any enterprise in a developing country or country in transition, which is working in partnership with others to generate economic, environmental and social benefits.Deadline: 8 April 2014. Find out more

May 18 Memorial Foundation Grant for Democracy and Human Rights Projects in Overseas 2014

May 18 Memorial Foundation is inviting applications from Non-Government Organizations around the globe for the Grant for Democracy and Human Rights Projects in Overseas (GDHRPO) 2014. The major aim of the grant project is to support work that contributes to promoting democracy and human rights and to build international solidarity. Deadline: 21 February 2014. Find out more

World of Children Award

The World of Children Award is accepting applications for the its grant award programs which provide funding and recognition to support life-changing work for children by discovering and elevating effective changemakers for children worldwide. Deadline: 01 April 2014. Find out more

Commonwealth Foundation participatory governance grants

The Commonwealth Foundation grants programme contributes to sustainable development in the context of effective, responsive and accountable governance with civil society participation. The programme brokers knowledge and ideas. It supports innovation and sharing of replicable and sustainable models, while promoting good practice in participatory governance.Deadline: 04 March 2014. Find out more

Funding for individuals

Africa Voices TV project for Africa Journalists

Competent Journalists and reporters from Africa are invited to take part in AFRICA VOICES TV project. The major goal of this program is to give voices to those who live and work in Africa, and to encourage Africans to speak about their Countries by creating real-time communication between them and the world.Deadline: 24 February 2014. Find out more

University funding and training opportunities

GDAI – PhD scholarships Program for Africa

Applicants from Africa are invited to submit applications for GDAI – PhD scholarships Program offered under Mo Ibrahim Foundation. Scholarship is offered in the field of Governance for Development in Africa. The scholarship is on a part-present form and it provides for Fees for three years, and for accommodation and living cost for the first year only. Deadline: 30 April 2014. Find out more

Special Research Fund – Doctoral Scholarships for Candidates from Developing Countries

University of Ghent is seeking applications for “Special Research Fund” offered to support university research groups or research centres in developing countries. The goal of this program is to grow excellent research centres by upgrading local academic personnel.Deadline: 04 March 2014. Find out more

Youth Action Net Laureate Global Fellowship 2014 for Young Leaders

Youth Action Net is seeking applications from young leaders who have pioneered solutions to urgent challenges in their communities and beyond for Laureate Global Fellowships 2014. The major purpose of the fellowship program is to develop leadership expertise in young leaders and deepen their impact through a dynamic, year-long learning experience. Fellows also get an opportunity to join a network of over 900 change-makers like them who continue to benefit from learning opportunities and connections throughout their social change careers. Deadline: 16 March 2014.Find out more


The May 18 Memorial Foundation’s Gwangju International Prize for Human Rights 2013

The Korea-based May 18 Memorial Foundation is accepting applications for the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights 2013. The prize goes to one individual or an organization that has struggled for or contributed to the improvement and advancement of human rights, democracy and peace in their community and country.Deadline: 24 February 2014. Find out more

Peace First Prize

The Peace First Prize celebrates the powerful contributions of youth peacemakers. The prize will recognize 5-10 young people between the ages of 8-22 with a two-year $25,000 Peace First fellowship. Find out more

The Intercultural Innovation Award by United Nations Alliance of Civilizations

United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), in partnership with BMW Group, is inviting not-for-profit organizations  for the Intercultural Innovation Award 2014. The major aim of the award is to strengthen their commitment to encouraging cultural diversity and coexistence among communities. Innovative and sustainable projects around the world that are promoting dialogue and cooperation among people from different cultural backgrounds using novel and creative methods are expected as entries. Deadline: 30 April 2014 Find out more

Nominate Candidate for CNN Heroes 2014

CNN is inviting nominations from people around the globe for CNN Heroes award 2014. The award aims to offer the everyday people changing the world gain recognition. Deadline 31 August 2014. Find out more

2014 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award

The Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award honours courageous and innovative individuals striving for social justice throughout the world. The RFK Centre offers not only a monetary contribution to their cause, but also forges strategic partnerships with the recipients of the Award. Deadline: 07 March 2014. Find out more


For more funding opportunities, and to hear about them as they are announced, there are many websites you can check. Including: Funds for NGOSPeace and Collaborative Development Network, and Opportunities for Africans


The violent road: An overview of armed violence in Nigeria

The violent road, from Action on Armed Violence, is a comprehensive look at armed violence in Nigeria. The report analyses the scale and drivers of conflict in different parts of the country, finding significant regional variation. The report also looks at the many different efforts to tackle armed violence, and maps 457 organisations and 495 projects working in Nigeria.

Syria’s socially mediated civil war

Syria’s socially mediated civil war, from USIP, examines how social media has influenced perceptions of the Syrian civil war. The difficulty western media have had in accessing Syria has led to a reliance on social media sources to build a picture of what is happening on the ground. However, as the paper concludes, these sources are often far from impartial and seek to portray the conflict according to a particular agenda.

A conceptual model of peacebuilding and democracy building: integrating the fields

A conceptual model of peacebuilding and democracy building [pdf] looks at the interconnections between peacebuilding and democracy building work. The paper identifies three key areas where democracy building and peacebuilding work overlap: democratic institutions, civil society, and local capacity. The strength or weakness of any one of these areas has important effects of the others, and the likelihood of  successful peacebuilding and democracy building efforts.

Into the eleventh hour: R2P, Syria and humanitarianism in crisis

Into the eleventh hour [pdf], from E-International Relations, is a collection of articles looking at the concept of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) in the context of the Syrian civil war.

Media and conflict in Myanmar: opportunities for media to advance peace

Media and conflict in Myanmar, from USIP, looks at the opportunities for peace that have opened up as media restrictions are lifted. The paper identifies three sets of issues that generate violent conflict in Myanmar, and suggests media initiatives aimed at transforming people’s attitudes and behaviours in order to build peace.


Donor funding and briefcase NGOs

By Eugenia Lee: Eugenia Lee, ethnographer and qualitative researcher, looks at why briefcase NGOs exist. Read more »

Al-Qaeda in Radaa, Yemen: Global security challenge or local succession dispute?

By Erwin van Veen: The 2012 Al-Qaeda takeover of Radaa, Yemen was viewed as simply a territorial advance by Al-Qaeda. But the situation was much more complicated. Read more »

Central African Republic: Muslims and Christians in Bangui at peace amidst war

By Nyeko Caesar Poblicks: Grassroots peace initiative in the Central African Republic challenges and rejects violence. Read more »

The Rohingya in Myanmar: a genuine effort toward peace?

By Margherita Belgioioso: Myanmar’s Rohingya population is one of the world’s most vulnerable groups. As the country transitions to democracy, what are the prospects for the Rohingya? Read more »

Can peace be secured at the expense of justice?

By Kirthi Jayakumar: Kirthi Jayakumar argues that peace without justice is at best fragile. Only through justice can sustainable peace be secured. Read more »

Ensuring peaceful elections in Burundi

By Landry Ninteretse: As Burundi prepares for elections in 2015, political tensions are rising. Local peacebuilding organisations are determined to make sure they are peaceful. Read more »