Regional Mediation Communities


The International Mediators Community of Practice (IMCP) provides an informal platform for discussion between mediation practitioners, trainers, academics and providers of mediation support services who actively engage in international third-party conflict transformation, to strengthen our skills and increase the use of dialogue processes in complex conflict contexts.

The IMCP activities are led by its members and divided into working groups around different themes. Current working groups include

  • Member Support
  • Apprenticeship Program
  • Corporate Engagements
  • Track-I processes
In partnership with Peace Direct, the IMCP is broadening its member support section to create Regional Mediation Communities to connect local mediators and dialogue facilitators to each other and practitioners around the world in the hopes of enhancing collaboration and promoting local and global synergies.

The IMCP Regional Mediation Communities are a space for conflict resolution experts to exchange idea and share experiences, as well as conduct joint activities. Creating local communities of practice will help IMCP members get to know each other, strengthen their skills and expertise, enhance their organizational impact on peace and generate best practices to share with others.

There are no fees or obligations for joining the International Mediators Community of Practice. Any person or organization interested in peace-making is welcome to sign-up by going to and clicking on Join.

The IMCP is an initiative of Communities in Transition (CIT), a conflict management consulting firm that empowers communities to address conflict-related challenges in collaborative and sustainable ways.

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