Racism is embedded in structures and power dynamics, and the peacebuilding, development and humanitarian sectors are no exception.  

The current global pandemic, growing scrutiny of systemic injustice and racism, and rising violence and polarisation continue to put strain on communities around the world. This multitude of challenges disproportionately affects fragile and conflict-affected communities.  

Adeso, the Alliance for Peacebuilding, Peace Direct and Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security invite local activists, changemakers, organizers, healers, and peacebuilders to a three-day conversation on the ‘Decolonising Aid and Peacebuilding’.  

We need a radical rethinking to decolonise the aid system, shift the balance of power, and support communities on the frontlines of confronting injustice and building peace. We invite you to be part of that conversation, with fellow activists from around the world. 

Using Platform4Dialogue, we will hold a three-day conversation from 2-4 November 2020 to have a conversation on how to effectively address structural racism, and decolonise the aid sector.  

Over the three days, some of the key questions we will be asking are as follows: 

  • What are the current power dynamics and imbalances that exist within the peacebuilding, development and humanitarian field?   
  • How does structural racism show up in the culture of international aid and intervention?  
  • Does structural racism look different in different parts of the world?  
  • What are your personal experiences of structural racism in the sector and how have they influenced them? 
  • How can we decolonise partnerships, funding structures and decision-making processes?  
  • Beyond this, how do we change a deeply rooted culture of interventionism? 
  • What would decolonised aid and peacebuilding practice look like? How do we achieve it?  

We acknowledge that many of these discussions will be difficult and uncomfortable, but they are critical if we are to re-shape aid in ways that genuinely empower local communities.. We want to dedicate space, time and resources to combat structural racism in our sector, and discuss how we can all work towards creating a more just, peaceful and equal world. While the main language of the consultation will be in English, there will also be opportunity for more focused discussions in French, Spanish in Arabic. Participants who speak French, Spanish and Arabic will be able to use the automatic translate function built into the discussion platform.

There will also be specific sessions on women and youth, exploring how racism influences the priorities in both the Women Peace and Security and Youth, Peace and Security agendas. 

Register for the consultation using this link, and please forward this to anyone you think might be interested.  


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How will it work?  

The consultations will take place online on Peace Direct’s Platform4Dialogue online discussion platform and last three days, beginning on Monday 2nd November 2020.  

The main language will be English, but participants can also use our automatic translation feature to participate in French, Spanish and Arabic A public report will be produced from this consultation, but no participant will be quoted publicly without separate consent.  

If you have any questions about this consultation, please contact the Platform4Dialogue team on info@platform4dialogue.org.    

This consultation is a joint initiative between Adeso, the Alliance for Peacebuilding, Peace Direct and Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security  

Apply now to join the discussion.