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Somalia: Creating space for fresh approaches to peacebuilding

Somalia: Creating space for fresh approaches to peacebuilding is a series of articles by leading peace practitioners, including John Paul Ledarach. The premise of the collection is the idea that the discussion on Somalia is too focused on international and regional security issues, whereas little attention is given to local complexities and the potential for peacebuilding.

Breaking the wave: Critical steps in the fight against crime in Guatemala

Guatemala has one of the highest murder rates in the world. Breaking the wave (pdf) examines the challenges facing Guatemala as it seeks to reduce its crime rate. Issues that must be resolved are identified and the dangers of a military-led approach are highlighted.

Traditional dispute resolution and Afghanistan’s women

In Afghanistan 80 per cent of disputes are resolved within traditional dispute resolution mechanisms. However these traditional practices often exclude women. Traditional dispute resolution and Afghanistan’s women is the result of a series of discussions in Kabul focused on how to provide women with greater access to justice.

Mapping police services in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Mapping police services in the Democratic Republic of Congo is a detailed report on the structure of police services in DR Congo. It looks at the national, local and international factors that have influence over the police services and the formal and informal structures that govern them.

Mediating conflicts with religious dimensions

Mediating conflicts with religious dimensions is a brief paper arguing that for mediators the "key is to look for practical solutions that address the involved parties’ concerns and that are compatible with their worldviews and values."

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