In 2013, Peace Direct launched Tomorrow's Peacebuilders, a competition to find the best emerging local peacebuilding organisations in conflict-affected countries. We received 244 applications from 54 countries and we awarded four winners. Some are small community organisations, others are well-established groups. But they have something in common: they all show the power of local people to find innovative solutions to conflict. In this video, our four winners present their peacebuilding work and tell us what the Tomorrow's Peacebuilders award has meant for them.

Community Network for Social Justice (CNSJ) is working in Uganda not only to rescue child soldiers, but also to ensure they have a meaningful place in communities they come home to.

Comunidad de Paz de San José de Apartadó is a community dedicated to showing the people of war-ravaged northern Colombia that peaceful cohabitation is possible even amidst the violence.

Kapamagogopa works in the insurgency-affected province of Mindanao, Philippines. It introduces Muslim volunteers into community organisations run by Christians, bridging the deep-rooted religious divides between them.

Peace Solutions International taps into the acting talents of refugees in Uganda’s to produce films that educate people how to build peace and motivating them to return home ready to do so.

Read more about their work and the competition here.