Yakjah Reconciliation and Development Network is deeply saddened by the death of young people in Kashmir. Every life is precious and every life should be protected. Citizens need to feel secure and that should be the ultimate purpose and intent of security forces, including the Jammu and Kashmir police. Maximum restraint should be shown even in the face of deepest provocation and the young people taken into confidence. An immediate dialogue has to be initiated between angry youth and the administration. People in Kashmir want to live their lives normally; hence all sections of the society should ensure that day to day existence of an average Kashmiri is one that of dignity and honor.

We specially ask the Central Reserve Police Force and Jammu and Kashmir Police to ensure safety of every human life. A life gone can never be recovered. We live in a civilized world any violation from men in uniform is not acceptable. While we appreciate those who perform their duties as people’s protectors, we strongly condemn the action of those who step out and violate. They should be punished.

We also appeal to all those who provoke and influence young minds to come on the streets and use violent ways to express their anger not to mislead the youth. Every Kashmiri youth living in Valley has great potential to achieve excellence, it should not be wasted. We all have to come together to find ways for our grievances and sense of injustice. Let’s bring our energies together for brining peace to our troubled motherland. Silent protests and dialogue should be used as ways to resolve issues.

We join in mourning the families of those who have lost their loved ones.

Ashima Kaul, Founder, Yakjah Reconciliation and Development Network