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News round-up:

  • The South has accused the North of launching a bombing raid on Southern territory bordering Darfur. The North denies this. Defence ministers from the North and South met last week and agreed on key post independence security issues, such as the future of Joint Integrated Units, and Southern Army (SPLA) soldiers stationed in the North.
  • Sudan’s ruling National Congress Party has warned opposition groups that it will be leading a “battalion of cyber jihadists” to “crush” online dissent.
  • General Abdel-Bagi Ayii, a former advisor to South Sudanese President Salva Kiir, has announced a new rebellion against the Southern Government, citing the mistreatment of Muslims in the South. He is now the fourth former SPLA officer to begin a rebellion in recent months.
  • People’s Aid, a Norwegian aid group, has released a report that shows the extent of foreign investors buying land in South Sudan. An area the size of Rwanda has been purchased since 2007. People’s Aid says this could give rise to risk of food instability and disputes over ownership.
  • The Chief Administrator of Abyei has said that 5 people were killed after the Misseriya tribe attacked a Dinka Ngok village on Tuesday. Satellite Sentinel Project has produced further images which it says show a build up of Northern troop build up in the disputed region.
  • Two of the main rebel groups in Darfur, the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and the Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM), have said they will begin coordinating their negotiating positions at the Doha peace talks, with the aim of preparing for a merger sometime in the future. In a separate move JEM and the SLA/Minawi rebel group said they will be looking for ways to bring all rebels groups fighting in Darfur together.
  • The Darfur rebels said last week that the Sudanese government’s plan to hold a referendum on Darfur’s administrative status crosses a “red line”, and in their eyes demonstrates that Khartoum is not serious about the Doha peace talks. Preparations are underway to hold a referendum as soon as April.

News in detail:

North Sudan

BBC: Sudan to unleash cyber jihadists 23 Mar: Sudan's ruling National Congress Party has warned that its "cyber jihadists" will "crush" internet-based dissent.

Sudan Tribune: SPLM’s Northern sector calls for continuation of economic sanctions on Khartoum 26 Mar: A high-ranking delegation of the Sudan People’s liberation Movement (SPLM) Northern sector which is currently visit the United Sates, urged Washington not to lift economic sanctions on Khartoum until it affirms commitment to democracy and human rights.,38404


Reuters: Sudan allows overflights for Libya ops – diplomats 23 Mar: Sudan has quietly granted permission to use its airspace to nations enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya as U.S., French, British and other air forces try to pummel the Libyan military, envoys told Reuters.

Aljazeera: Cairo to recognise South Sudan 27 Mar: Cairo will recognise South Sudan as an independent state, Nabil Elaraby, the Egyptian foreign minister, has said during a visit to Khartoum.

South Sudan

Sudan Tribune: Ex-adviser for Salva Kiir launches new rebellion in South Sudan 23 Mar: A former adviser for South Sudan president Salva Kiir has declared war against the semi-autonomous government, a spokesman for the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) announced on Tuesday.,38380

Bloomberg: Foreign investors grab land in Southern Sudan, Norwegian aid group says 24 Mar: Foreign investors are buying large tracts of land in Southern Sudan that add up to an area larger than Rwanda, threatening food supplies and stability in a region due to become independent in July, a Norwegian aid group said.

Sudan Tribune: SPLM says willing to cooperate with other political parties 25 Mar: The ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) said Friday it is willing to cooperate with other political parties to work together to ensure that prevailing peace and stability is maintained.,38397


Sudan Tribune: Sudan’s NCP accuses Darfur rebels of stirring up protests to topple regime 21 Mar: The ruling National Congress Party (NCP) on Monday accused students loyal to Darfur rebel groups of working on mobilizing people to stage demonstrations that would lead to removal of the government in a manner similar to uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia.,38359

Sudan Tribune: Rebel movements agree to coordinate positions for peace in Darfur 22 Mar: The rebel Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and Liberation and Equality Movement (LJM) agreed today in Doha to fully coordinate their positions in the Doha peace process for peace in Darfur and to prepare ways for their merger in the future.,38371

Reuters: Tens of thousands flood Darfur refugee camp 22 Mar: More than 70,000 people have fled fighting in Sudan's western Darfur region in the past three months, swelling numbers at a refugee camp by more than third, U.N. humanitarian officials said.

AllAfrica: Government says JEM rebels do not want peace in Darfur 23 Mar: The Sudanese government contested the seriousness of the participation of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) in the Doha talks saying they only want to give the impression they are part of the peace process.

AFP: Darfur vote will cross red line, says rebel group 24 Mar: The Sudanese government will cross a "red line" if it goes ahead with a referendum on the future administrative status of the war-torn Darfur region next month, one of the rebel groups warned on Thursday.

AFP: Catholic NGO in Darfur 'accused of proselytising' 27 Mar: A Catholic aid agency accused of distributing bibles in West Darfur said it will have to close its operations in the region if not allowed to return to Darfur within days, potentially depriving 400,000 people of emergency food supplies.


AFP: Sudan militia kill five in flashpoint Abyei – official 22 Mar: Sudanese Arab militia attacked a village in Abyei killing five people, adding to North-South tensions in the disputed oil-producing area, the Chief Administrator of the region said on Tuesday.

VOA: Satellite images show build-up of Northern forces in Sudan’s Abyei region 23 Mar: New satellite images of Sudan’s Abyei region reportedly show a build-up of forces backed by Khartoum government.

North-South Relations

AFP: South Sudan accuses North of air strike 23 Mar: South Sudan's army on Wednesday accused Northern forces of bombing two sites South of the border, further escalating tensions as the South gears up for full independence.

Bloomberg: Southern Sudan may pay North 30% of oil revenue for shipping crude exports 23 Mar: Southern Sudan may agree to pay as much as 30 percent of its oil revenue to the government in the North after it becomes an independent nation in July, said the region’s foreign trade minister, Elias Nyamlel Wakoson.

Sudan Tribune: North and South Sudanese defence ministers agree upon key security 26 Mar: Officials from North and South Sudan’s defence ministries have unanimously endorsed and agreed upon key security issues following the South’s vote for independence in a referendum in January, possibly ending months of dispute and counter accusations.,38400