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South Kordofan

Reuters: Sudan president announces ceasefire in South Kordofan 23 Aug: Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Bashir announced on Tuesday a two-week unilateral ceasefire in Southern Kordofan state, a week after the UN called for an investigation into reports of violence and abuses there.

NY Times: Images Show Mass Graves in Sudan, Group Says 24 Aug: A satellite imagery project monitoring parts of Sudan says it has found new evidence of mass graves in the troubled Nuba Mountains region, where the government has recently waged a fierce campaign to stamp out rebels.

Reuters: Sudan says no proof of mass graves in conflict area 24 Aug: Sudan's UN envoy dismissed fresh allegations by a U.S. group that says it has identified a total of eight mass graves in the African country's conflict-ridden Southern Kordofan region.

Sudan Tribune: Rift Valley report criticises international endorsement of South Kordofan’s elections 27 Aug: A report released this month by the UK-based Rift Valley Institute is highly critical of the endorsement given to the crucial South Kordofan gubernatorial elections suggesting that the results "may have been manipulated".,39922

South Sudan

Bloomberg: UN Says South Sudan Cattle Raid Reportedly Kills 600 People 22 Aug: At least 600 people were reportedly killed and as many as 985 injured in South Sudan during a cattle raid, said the head of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in the newly independent nation, Hilde F. Johnson. Bloomberg: South Sudan Says 14 Soldiers Killed in Militia Attack in Upper Nile State 24 Aug: Fourteen South Sudanese soldiers were killed in attacks by militias in Upper Nile state, close to the border with Sudan, the army said.

VOA: Rebel Athor Admits Leading Deadly South Sudan Attacks 25 Aug: South Sudan is accusing Khartoum of backing a cross-border attack at Kaka town in Upper Nile state by rebel groups that left over 72 people dead. The dead include at least 15 Southern Army soldiers.

CNN: South Sudan deploys troops to prevent revenge attacks 26 Aug: The Security Council of the Republic of South Sudan on Wednesday ordered troops deployed to restore security and prevent retaliatory attacks after violent clashes in the past week.

Reuter: UN complains after South Sudan police beat up official 26 Aug: The United Nations said on Friday it has complained to newly-independent South Sudan after police beat the top UN human rights investigator in the country so severely that he was hospitalised for five days.

Sudan Tribune: South Sudan opposition party denies supporting rebel groups 27 Aug: South Sudan’s largest opposition party, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement for Democratic Change (SPLM-DC), denied on Saturday allegations that it participated in a rebel attack in Upper Nile State.,39970

Sudan Tribune: South Sudan proposes traditional leadership conference to end conflicts 27 Aug: The South Sudan government on Saturday proposed convening a conference with traditional leaders across to look for mechanisms to address the new country’s various tribal conflicts.,39971

Reuters: South Sudan president names new cabinet 28 Aug: South Sudan's President Salva Kiir named his first cabinet since the country declared independence last month, including former supporters of the North's main party as he set out to unite a fractured state.

North-South Relations

Africa Review: Sudan border team abandons demarcation task 25 Aug: A committee tasked with defining and demarcating the volatile borders between Sudan and South Sudan has abandoned the exercised ahead of talks slated for next month.

Reuters: Sudanese risk post-independence statelessness - UNHCR 26 Aug: Large Sudanese communities could become stateless, deprived of basic rights such as access to jobs and education, unless Khartoum and Juba ensure citizenship for all following South Sudan's independence, the UN refugee chief said on Thursday.

AP: UN launches campaign to end stateless 'limbo' 26 Aug: The UN refugee chief has called on countries to end the plight of some 12 million stateless people caught in what he described as "limbo," denied basic human rights because no country will grant them citizenship.

North Sudan

Bloomberg: Sudanese Court Sentences Rebel Leader Al-Tom Hamed to Death by Hanging 27 Aug: A Sudanese court sentenced to death by hanging a leader in the rebel Justice and Equality Movement, which carried out attacks against the army in Southern Kordofan, state-run SUNA news agency reported late yesterday.

Reuters: President orders Sudanese journalists freed 28 Aug: President Omar Hassan al-Bashir on Saturday ordered the release of all Sudanese journalists, saying Khartoum respects responsible freedom of expression.