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BBC: Sudan, South Sudan to pull out troops from Abyei - UN 9 Sept: Sudan and newly independent South Sudan have agreed to withdraw their troops from the disputed town of Abyei by the end of the month, the UN says. Read more

North Sudan

VOA: In Sudan, calls to overthrow Bashir 08 Sept: The party of former rebels in Sudan is calling for the overthrow of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. Read more

Reuters: Sudan bans publication of newspaper edition - editor 08 Sept: Sudanese security forces have banned an independent newspaper from publishing its entire Thursday edition, its editor said. Read more

Blue Nile

Reuters: US says situation in Sudan border area very dangerous 07 Sept: The United States is urging Sudan and armed opposition groups in Blue Nile state to immediately start talks to end fighting, the U.S. Special envoy for Sudan said on Wednesday. Read more

AFP: Heavy fighting erupts in Sudan conflict town - witness 07 Sept: Heavy fighting erupted in the capital of Sudan's embattled Blue Nile state on Tuesday evening, a witness said, a day after the newly installed military governor declared that the security situation had returned to normal. Read more

AFP: Sudan bars aid agencies' access to conflict state 08 Sept: Sudan has denied UN and other aid agencies access to Blue Nile state, where at least 50,000 people have been displaced by fighting that erupted last week, the UN humanitarian office said on Wednesday. Read more

South Kordofan

Bloomberg: Sudan Army kills more than 50 civilians in Nuba Mountains, opposition says 11 Sept: More than 50 civilians were killed by the Sudanese army in the Nuba Mountains in the state of Southern Kordofan, said a spokesman for the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, an opposition group. Read more

South Sudan

AFP: South Sudan opposition warns against oil dependency 08 Sept: Newly-independent South Sudan's opposition warned Thursday of rising inflation and food shortages caused by the government's dependence on oil revenues and failure to develop other sectors. Read more


Sudan Tribune: Rebels call for non-fly zone in Blue Nile, Darfur and South Kordofan 04 Sept: Darfur rebels today urged international community to impose a no-fly zone and to establish safe corridors to provide civilians, in the Blue Nile, Darfur and Southern Kordofan, with humanitarian assistance. They also urged democratic forces to join them in their efforts to change Bashir’s regime. Read more

BBC: Sudan police killed in Darfur hostage rescue attempt 09 Sept: At least 13 Sudanese policemen have been killed trying to rescue hostages in Darfur, officials say. Read more

AFP: Darfur rebel group warns of joint Sudan-Chad attack 10 Sept: Darfur's most heavily armed rebel group warned Friday the governments of Chad and Sudan were planning a joint attack on their positions, after 100 rebel vehicles reportedly crossed the Libyan border. Read more

Reuters: Darfur rebel leader returns from Libyan refuge 11 Sept: A major rebel group in Sudan's troubled region of Darfur said on Sunday its leader Khalil Ibrahim has returned after leaving his Libyan refuge following the fall of Muammar Gaddafi's regime. Read more