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Blue Nile and South Kordofan

AFP: Hundreds of rebels killed in Kordofan clashes: governor 01 Nov: Hundreds of SPLM-North rebels were killed in clashes with the Sudanese army in South Kordofan on Monday, said a local governor in Sudan's only oil producing state where the army is battling insurgents. Read more

Reuters: Rebels say still fighting in Sudan oil state 02 Nov: Sudanese insurgents in the country's main oil-producing state South Kordofan battled government forces in a volatile border region for a second day Wednesday, a rebel spokesman said. Read more

AFP: Sudan forces accused of killings, rape 02 Nov: Sudanese government forces and militias are "killing and raping civilians in Blue Nile state" as they flee violence and bombing, a human rights watchdog said on Tuesday. Read more

BBC: Sudan army seizes rebel stronghold in Blue Nile state 03 Nov: Sudanese forces have captured the key rebel stronghold of Kurmuk in the border state of Blue Nile, government and rebel sources said. Read more

Reuters: Sudan SPLM-N rebels: "war will continue" after stronghold falls 03 Nov: Rebels in Sudan's Blue Nile border state vowed to continue fighting after the Sudanese army captured their main stronghold of Kurmuk on Thursday. Read more


Reuters: US extends long-standing sanctions on Sudan 01 Nov: US President Barack Obama Tuesday extended sanctions on Sudan for another year, saying Khartoum's policies had not yet improved enough to warrant their removal. Read more

Reuters: UK ambassador in Sudan keeps blogging despite protest 02 Nov: Britain's ambassador to Sudan said on Tuesday he would continue his controversial blog despite protests by Khartoum over his latest entry which criticised a severe economic crisis in the African country. Read more

Guardian: Britain urges Sudan and South Sudan to co-operate over resettlement 04 Nov: UK's international development minister calls on governments to help hundreds of thousands left in limbo following partition Read more

South Sudan

Sudan Tribune: South Sudan army accuses Khartoum based airline company of aiding rebels 01 Nov: A senior official from South Sudan’s military intelligence has openly accused a Khartoum-based airline company of backing rebel groups intending to overthrow the southern government. Read more

Reuters: South Sudan wants investors for refinery 02 Nov: Africa's newest country South Sudan is looking for foreign investors to help build a refinery, a government official said on Wednesday. Read more


AFP: South Sudan seeks more UN muscle in contested Abyei 02 Nov: South Sudan has called on the UN to deploy more troops in areas, including contested Abyei region, threatened by attack from rebel groups. Read more

North-South Relations

AFP: Sudan lodges Juba 'border war' protest at UN 06 Nov: Sudan has lodged a fresh complaint with the UN Security Council detailing South Sudan's alleged support for rebels in its war-torn border states, just four months after partition, state media said on Saturday. Read more

Reuters: South Sudan rejects Sudan's complaint to UN over rebels 06 Nov: South Sudan on Sunday rejected allegations it was arming insurgents in two conflict-stricken border regions in Sudan after its old civil war foe brought the charges to the United Nations Security Council. Read more


Al Jazeera: UN peacekeeper killed in Sudan's Darfur 06 Nov: UN chief condemns attack that left two other peacekeepers wounded while on patrol and urges Khartoum to ensure justice. Read more