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South Sudan

AFP: Over 3,000 killed in South Sudan massacre: local official 06 Jan: Over 3,000 people were killed in South Sudan in brutal massacres last week in an explosion of ethnic violence that forced tens of thousands to flee, a local official said on Friday as the UN increased patrols. Read more

Reuters: UN tries to reach 60,000 fleeing South Sudan violence 07 Jan: The United Nations said on Friday it was trying to reach some 60,000 people who have fled tribal violence in a remote area of South Sudan and urgently need food, shelter and medical assistance. Read more

AFP: South Sudan flashpoint town under government control 03 Jan: South Sudan's army on Tuesday reclaimed control of a town destroyed in a bloody cattle vendetta that sent thousands fleeing into the bush and threatened the stability of the world's newest state. Read more

AFP: "No evidence" of mass killings in South Sudan - UN 08 Jan: The UN's top official in South Sudan on Saturday said "no evidence" had been found of reported mass killings, but warned that 60,000 people were in urgent need of aid. Read more

Reuters: Shell eyes possible South Sudan opportunities 04 Jan: Royal Dutch Shell said it is eyeing potential opportunities in South Sudan, which last July broke away from Khartoum, taking with it two-thirds of Sudan's 500,000 barrels per day of oil production. Read more

Reuters: Obama lifts ban on US defence exports to South Sudan 06 Jan: President Barack Obama on Friday lifted US restrictions on defence sales to South Sudan, marking another step to regularise US ties with Africa's newest nation. Read more


Reuters: “Sudan will soon see revolution” - Islamist leader Turabi 05 Jan: Opposition leader Hassan al-Turabi said Sudan would soon see an "Arab Spring" popular uprising because President Omar Hassan al-Bashir was unable to overcome an economic crisis and end insurgencies in Darfur and border regions. Read more

Reuters: "Alarming malnutrition" in Sudan conflict zones - UN 04 Jan: The UN has received alarming reports of malnutrition in two Sudanese border states where the army is fighting insurgents, a senior UN official said on Wednesday. Read more

BBC: Sudan's Bashir offers help to Libya during criticised visit 07 Jan: Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir has offered to help Libya disarm former rebel groups, on his first day of a visit which has angered rights groups. Read more

Reuters: Sudan shuts Islamist paper in media crackdown 02 Jan: Sudan shut the newspaper of the country's largest Islamist opposition party on Monday, the latest step in a growing crackdown on independent media. Read more

North-South relations

AFP: South Sudan “talking in bad faith” over oil - Bashir 05 Jan: South Sudan is negotiating in bad faith with Khartoum over oil fees and is threatening to "block" a pipeline transporting crude oil, Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir said on Wednesday. Read more