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News roundup

Sudan and South Sudan have agreed to give citizens basic rights in both countries. The deal will give citizens the right live, work, own property and travel freely in both Sudan and South Sudan.

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir will travel to South Sudan within the next few weeks. Some South Sudanese civil society groups have called for the arrest of al-Bashir during the visit and for him to be handed over to the International Criminal Court where he faces charges of crimes against humanity.

South Sudan has pledged to end the use of child soldiers. It currently has around 2,000 children serving in the national army.

The UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) says it is in desperate need of helicopters in order to respond to ethnic violence.

News in detail

South Sudan

BBC: South Sudan cattle raid toll 'passes 200' 13 Mar: The number of people killed in South Sudan in the latest of a series of cattle raids has risen to more than 200, officials have told the BBC. Read more

Reuters: UN desperately seeking helicopters for South Sudan 15 Mar: The United Nations is pleading with members to provide military helicopters for its peacekeeping mission in South Sudan, where recent tribal violence has displaced more than 100,000 people, a UN report showed on Thursday. Read more

AFP: South Sudan 'has 2,000 child soldiers': UN 16 Mar: South Sudan must uphold promises to abolish its use of child soldiers, with some 2,000 minors still serving in its rebel turned regular army, the UN's top expert on children in conflict said Friday. Read more

Sudan Tribune: South Sudan: civil society groups call for arrest of Sudanese president Bashir 17 Mar: A coalition of major civil society organisations in South Sudan, on Saturday, rejected the position of the Juba government that it has no obligation to arrest Sudanese President Omar el Bashir, when he attends an upcoming summit in the country’s capital . Read more

Sudan and South Sudan relations

Reuters: Sudan's Bashir to visit South Sudan, citizenship deal signed 13 Mar: Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir will make his first visit to South Sudan since the country gained independence last July, officials said on Tuesday, as both sides seek to resolve a bitter and costly dispute over oil. Read more

BBC: Sudan and South Sudan leaders agree basic freedoms 13 Mar: Sudan and South Sudan have agreed a framework agreement to give their citizens basic freedoms in both nations, African Union mediators say. Read more

Reuters: Sudan lowers oil transit fee demand 13 Mar: Sudan has lowered its oil transit fees demand to $32.20 a barrel in a bid to resolve a row that has shut in South Sudan's output, Sudan's oil minister said on Tuesday, but the two sides remained far apart as talks continue in Ethiopia. Read more

AFP: South Sudan speaks of progress in talks with Sudan 15 Mar: After months of failed talks, South Sudan says relations with its former civil war foe have become 'positive', with deals concluded this week on borders and citizenship paving the way for further progress. Read more


Reuters: Sudan rebels say they shot down drone, government denies 13 Mar: Insurgents in one of Sudan's conflict-torn border regions said they shot down a government drone which was doing reconnaissance in rebel-held territory on Tuesday but the army dismissed the claim. Read more

Reuters: UN sees progress with Sudan aid, wants more access 17 Mar: The United Nations has made progress in talks with Sudan to deliver more aid to South Kordofan, a border state where hundreds of thousands of people have fled fighting, a top UN official said in an interview. Read more