Jane Lawson

Jane Lawson is an alumni of the University of Calgary, Canada where she did her undergraduate degree in Religious Studies. During this time she received a Shastri Institute and an East Asian Studies Scholarship to attend the University of Pune, India. She is a founder of the University of Calgary’s Summer Institute in Peacebuilding and Social Justice. She has lived, worked, studied, travelled and volunteered in over 40 countries. Lawson worked with the Tribal Leader Peace and Reconciliation Forum at the Buduburam refugee camp in Ghana. During this time she compiled a research report for the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Ghana Refugee Board. She recently completed her MA in Human Security and Peacebuilding at Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia. Her dedication to research on refugee camp peace programs earned her the University Founders Award and the Governor General's Gold Medal. Lawson has held successful mediations between tribal groups of different religions, ethnicities and nationalities. She is currently working as an international peacebuilding consultant for small businesses and has helped devise a scholarship program for returning refugees to Liberia. She recently published ‘What Happens after the War?’ with UNHCR’s Policy Development and Evaluation Department. Lawson’s passion for peacebuilding and development as well as her commitment to the plight of the displaced is well known among her colleagues and mentors. She endeavours to help all those in conflict.