Darfur Bar Association

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DBA was created in Darfur by a group of lawyers wanting to advocate for human rights in Sudan.
Last updated: November 2017

Darfur Bar Association (DBA) is a Sudanese organisation working to protect rights and freedoms of all human beings. It was established in 1995 by a group of lawyers to protect, defend and advocate for victims of violence. Currently, the organisation's membership of 535 lawyers across Sudan, volunteer as human rights defenders and provide legal aid to all citizens with an emphasis on civil and political activists. 

DBA operates both alone and in partnership with local and international actors in implementing multiple activities related to human rights, such as victims of torture, arbitrary arrest and freedom of expression. It is a key participant in several deliberations and consultations with the African Commission for the People's Human Rights, AU Addis Ababa, UNHCR Geneva, and the UNited Nations headquarter in New-York. Additionally, DBA is also advocating for and assisting parties in the peaceful resolution of the conflict in Darfur. 

Programs and activities 

1. Legal assistance 

DBA provides legal assistance to individuals and groups across Sudan. Counselled individuals have included people arrested for their political opinions, victims of violence, politically targeted students, IDPs arbitrarily evicted and groups accused of attempted coup d'état. Through its programme, DBA helped to assure the release of several political detainees and won several cases through appeals to the supreme court.

2. Advocacy and awareness raising 

Through this program, DBA advocated in local regional and international forums raising awareness on violations in Darfur and parts of Sudan. It issued hundreds of reports, press releases and media interviews raising awareness on different human rights issues. It also issued several memorandums to international actors such as UN international inquiries on Darfur, UN secretary general and Chinese envoys. 

3. Capacity building 

DBA has implemented several training sessions to its members and peace advocates in Darfur and helped hundreds of lawyers advance their skills in legal and human rights issues. Most trainings were provided through partners like the American Bar Association, International Transitional Justice and the EU Commission in Sudan. 

4. Mediation and peacebuilding 

In support for a peaceful solution to the Darfur conflict, DBA worked with and provided alternative approaches to facilitate better negotiation with national, regional and international actors. It also collaborates with others to promote civil society participation in the peace process. DBA also works on awareness raising issues of peaceful coexistence and tolerance among Sudanese communities. 

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