Program Unit on Faith, Witness, and Service, National Council of Churches in the Philippines

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FWS-NCCP provides services for victims of natural and/or man made disasters and human rights violations.
Last updated: January 2017

The Program Unit on Faith, Witness and Service (FWS) works to make church people better critical thinkers and responsible members of society, projecting the National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP) and all it stands for the local and international communities and ministering to the needs of the poor and the marginalised to improve their condition.

Among its major concerns now are the peace talks between the Government and the National Democratic Front, attacks on indigenous communities, disappearances and the Mamasapano massacre.

Development education and training

The development education and training of FWS provides NCCP partners and church members with opportunities for theological reflection on and training for advocacy work in peace, human rights, ecology, migrant concerns, development and disaster management.

Development advocacy and campaign

The FWS works locally, regionally and nationally to mobilise church people, to work for peace and human rights and to promote active participation in international alliances such as Ecumenical Advocacy  Alliance and ACT Alliance. ACT Alliance is a global alliance of churches and related organisations focusing on long-term development and humanitarian assistance.

Direct services

The direct service component of FWS is aimed at providing emergency assistance to disaster-stricken families and communities, support for small community-based projects, material, financial and technical solidarity support for workers on strike, displaced urban and rural poor and the families of victims of human rights violations.

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