Action Communautaire d'Appui au Développement (ACAD)

ACAD has the aim of accompanying and supporting grassroots involvement in the peace and democratisation process underway in DR Congo

Last updated: March 2022

Action Communautaire d'Appui au Développement (ACAD) is an initiative set up in March 2006 with the aim of accompanying and effectively supporting grassroots populations and the dynamics of citizen action in the Province of South Kivu in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo with a view to their involvement in the peace and democratisation process underway in the country.

ACAD is legally recognized by the Legal Personality F92/11.534/MIN/J&GS/2008 of June 3, 2008 as a non-profit association of Congolese rights. It is apolitical, secular and militates for the promotion of equal opportunities between men and women, the promotion of peace and human rights in a vision of a truly democratic Congo. Its development approach is based on the mobilisation and support of communities whose aspirations for harmonious human development it shares.

The members of ACAD are development actors with a vision and experience based on concerted engagement on the ground with grassroots communities and convinced that no development is possible if the beneficiaries are excluded from the definition, implementation and evaluation of policies, projects and programmes.

ACAD asbl is a credible organisation with proven experience in these areas of intervention and carries out various activities. These activities respect the principles of interventions which are in line with the commitments made by the DRC in the context of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, signed on 2 March 2005.

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