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Adalah for Rights and Freedoms is a non-governmental and non-profit youth impartial organisations working to protect human rights and dignity in Yemen.
Last updated: July 2015

Adalah for Rights and Freedoms is an impartial, non-governmental and non-profit youth organisation working to protect human rights and dignity in Yemen. It was established in 2012 in Aden governorate.

Image credit: Adalah for Rights and Freedoms Adalah for Rights and Freedoms works to protect human rights, particularly those of women, in Yemen. Image credit: Adalah for Rights and Freedoms

The idea of establishing the organisation arose towards the end of 2011 for the purpose of defending freedoms and human rights. There had been an increasing violation of rights in the country, as well as a political vacuum and security deterioration. Adalah works to protect human rights in Yemen in general and the south in particular.

Adalah Foundations aims to benefit all members of society, particularly women and youth. It envisions a society free of discrimination and violations of human rights and enjoys freedom, justice, equality, tolerance and respect.


To boost and protect human rights, freedoms, democracy, rule of law, and the role of judges, keep independence of the legal profession, assist vulnerable people raise awareness of rights in the community.

hihih The organisation has implemented a variety of activities in Yemen which seek to promote good governance and the strengthening of civil society. Image credit: Adalah for Rights and Freedoms


  • To propagate a culture of tolerance, peace and transparency.
  • To defend all kinds of rights and freedoms and the human dignity in particular.
  • To boost the awareness of rights and freedoms and promote the civil culture amid all society categories through rehabilitation and training.
  • To promote democratic concepts, respect of other opinions, justice, and equality.
  • To provide legal protection for refugees, migrants and conflict-affected victims in coordination with the interested agencies.
  • To contribute to solve social issues through developing visions, solutions and proposals for possible laws and constitutional amendments.
  • To contribute towards empowering the youth politically, and enhancing their capabilities and confidence to keep in touch with the society and decision-makers.
  • To push governmental agencies and CSOs into backing the youth economically, socially, culturally and educationally.

Activities and Projects

  • Prisoner Relief Initiative.
  • Security without Conflict Project that targeted Male Policing/Security Forces and the Women's Police forces.
  • Confidence/Trust Building and "good governance" which focused on political parties.
  • CSOs Training Project to train and qualify the emerging civil society organisations.
  • Prisoners Project in Yemen that targeted the central prisons; action and research with prisoners with the European Union and the Centre for Measuring Public Opinion.
  • The Evaluation of Prisons Conditions Projects in Yemen with the German GIZ.

Adalah Foundation's Annual Report can be read here.

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