Association pour le Dialogue entre les Jeunes de diverses Religions (ADJR)

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ADJR aims to contribute to peace in Chad through inter and intra-religous dialogue.
Last updated: October 2015

ADJR aims to contribute to peace in Chad through inter and intra-religous dialogue. It was founded on November 11, 1994 by a group of young Muslims and Christians. It was registered in 1995 as the first legal organisation working for inter-religious dialogue in Chad.


ADJR has around 675 active members and a further 300 supporters. It works to protect young Muslims and Christians from fanaticism and violent extremism. Its mission is to rebuild trust between young people of different religions, and to eliminate tribalism, hatred and aversion.


ADJR's activities are focused primarily on awareness raising and training. Since its founding, it has initiated interfaith dialogue forums and conferences, during which young Chadians from different denominations and religious organisations follow presentations by eminent intellectuals and religious figures. These presentations focus on topics contributing to peacebuilding and the protection of young people against the dangers of fundamentalism.

With financial support from the US Agency for International Development (USAID), ADJR implemented a project for peace through development (2009-2011), in which it organised large conferences to encourage dialogue between different religions. The conferences followed the themes of 'Contribution of youth to build peace in Chad through dialogue between and within religions: Challenges and opportunities in 2009',  'The education of youth for peace in religion in 2010', and there was a seminar on the theme 'The role of religions in peaceful coexistence in Chad' which bought together 37 youth association leaders in N'djamena to address the situation of religious extremism in the subregions.

ADJR have also trained a number of young people from strict religious or political stances who refused to admit the humanity of the 'other' to overcome prejudices and recognise the integrity and dignity of other groups.

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