Association Euro-Méditerranéenne des Echanges, Volontariats, Evénements (EuroMed Eve)

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EuroMed Eve) is an independent and cultural group that working in Tunisia in order to build peace and understanding between Europe and the MENA region.
Last updated: May 2016

Association Euro-Méditerranéenne des Echanges, Volontariats, Evénements (EuroMed Eve) is an independent and cultural group working in Tunisia to:

  • Increase the knowledge of youth and children and develop their cultural levels so that they become involved in the process of re-building the country.
  • Instil the notions of open-mindedness, tolerance, and the acceptance of others from different social strata.
  • Contribute to the building of a cultural bridge between Tunisian youth and Euro-Mediterranean youth in order to exchange knowledge, experiences and access to other cultures.
  • Contribute to the integration of Tunisian culture in the Euro-Mediterranean space.
  • Expand the principles and values of democracy.

The association also works to strengthen the relationships between Tunisian and Euro-Mediterranean youth through:

  • The establishment of youth exchange programmes and travels.
  • The enhancing of volunteerism.
  • The planning and organisation of cultural youth events at national and international level.
The group organises exchange experiences and events aiming to get young people involved and seek to build a mutual cooperation, understanding and exchange between Europe and MENA region. They work with various partners from many countries including Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan. The organisation has organised exchanges and training sessions  to tackle diverse themes related to volunteering, social contribution, civic engagement and active citizenship, peacebuilding, dialogue culture and conflict resolution.

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