Africa Centre for Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation (ACPC)

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ACPC works on peace research, early warning, conflict prevention and peacebuilding in Zimbabwe
Last updated: December 2017

The Africa Centre for Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation (ACPC) is a locally-led peace organisation registered as a trust in 2008 by a group of peace graduates and activists in Mutare, Zimbabwe.

It was formed in response to the negative peace prevailing in the country at the time, following a sharp drop in the people’s living conditions due to massive job losses, hyperinflation, a severe drought and rampant corruption.

ACPC believes that development cannot take firm root in the midst of violence. Consequently, ACPC’s focus at its formation was on peace research, early warning, conflict prevention and peacebuilding. It uses a blend of traditional and modern methods in promoting cooperation in livelihoods and sharing of experiences between and among individuals within communities.

Though Manicaland is historically known as the hotbed of political opposition in the country, efforts by the ACPC have drastically reduced politically motivated violence in the province, thanks mainly to the introduction of Community Peace Monitors (CPMs) and the Peace Barometer. With the rise of political tension especially during election times, the ACPC has increasingly found itself engaging with community stakeholders through its Community Peace Monitors, churches and community leaders. Care is always taken to include women and youth.

Because of its success, ACPC staff have been involved with national peace projects at both individual and organisational levels, and have taken active part in national governance debates. The organisation also has programmes for schools and plans to introduce a comprehensive Peace Education curriculum, currently non-existent in the country.

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