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Africare Peace Initiative (API)

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Africare Peace Initiative (API) has a focus on building human capacity for the most vulnerable people, living in communities with history of violence, in Nigeria

Last updated: March 2021

Africare Peace Initiative (API) is a Humanitarian, Peacebuilding organisation, with a focus on building human capacity for the most vulnerable people, living in communities with history of violence.

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We are a non-religious, non-ethnic and non-political entity.

The organisation was founded in 2018 and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja and other regulatory bodies in 2020.

The birth of Africare Peace Initiative was informed by the ongoing conflict and various uprising in some parts of Nigeria, a situation that has forced millions of Nigerians out of their ancestral homes, thereby, making them displaced victims of violent conflict in their own country. Many of these victims have lost their loved ones, property and means of livelihood; this has led to pain, anger, frustration and trauma.

In recent times, insecurity in several countries within the African continent has been reported on almost daily basis. Many people have been affected by this growing number of insecurity, which has left scars in the hearts of those directly affected by the ugly situation.

In Nigeria for instance, hundreds of thousands of lives were lost since the emergence of insurgency, banditry, kidnapping, as well as communal clashes and religious uprising in different parts of the country; this situation has brought about backwardness to the effort of government in the development of mostly the northern and middle-belt part of the country, a region, which has witnessed various forms of insecurity for decades now. And in this growing number of insecurity, many people, mostly women and children are now living with no means of livelihood or hope for the future.

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With this in mind, Africare Peace Initiative is set to reach out to the affected victims through its various projects that will be used to harmonize the work of peace in other to give hope to the hopeless.

Our aim is to seek for understanding into the various problems that have eaten deep into the social lifestyle of the African people, which has brought about the unending conflict that bedevils the region for several decades now. We are set to adopt pragmatic and sustainable measures that can influence and encourage peace among communities.

Our goal is to create harmony in conflict prone communities, by creating projects that can help the communities embrace one another. This we believe will help in building an atmosphere of tolerance, love and harmony among the people.

Our set objective is to reach out to the most vulnerable men, women, youths and children, who are directly affected by the plethora of societal ills. This we hope to achieve through our developmental programs, mental health assistance, livelihood, peace education, child safety, empowerment, trauma counselling, etc.

We believe that our various programs will encourage people to live in harmony, embrace one another, respect each other and aim for a peaceful and harmonious community, irrespective of ethnic, cultural or political differences.


We Care!


To provide projects that are environmentally friendly, economically viable, socially just, culturally acceptable and beneficial to human health as remedy to achieving sustainable development and peace within the society.


To promote the living standards of the most vulnerable people in the society.


  1. To promote togetherness, good governance as well as encourage community tolerance among the people.
  2. To provide essential basic needs to vulnerable people, such as the old people, children, women, youths, girls, physically challenged persons, Internally Displaced Persons, etc.
  3. To provide micro funding for small businesses as well as provide vocational/skills acquisition training for women and youths in rural communities.
  4. To provide psychosocial support for the traumatized.
  5. To promote gender equality.
  6. To promote capacity building.
  7. To promote peace among people living in conflict prone communities by developing projects that could encourage the peacebuilding process.
  8. To empower disadvantaged families economically in rural communities, by providing them with basic social amenities.

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