Azidi Fraternity & Solidarity League (AFSL)

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Azidi Fraternity & Solidarity League works to protect ethnic and religion minorities in Iraq.
Last updated: August 2015

The Azidi Fraternity & Solidarity League (AFSL) works to protect ethnic and religion minorities in Iraq. The organisation believes that minorities in Iraq often face discrimination and structural violence across social, cultural and legal aspects of society Its work includes:

  • Promoting respect for human rights.
  • Peacebuilding and the promotion of democracy, coexistence and non-violence.
  • Building respect for women and children's rights.
  • Defending the rights of minorities and the concept of religious pluralism.

yfsl-1Main projects

  • Hairdressing and sewing course in Ba’shiqa: in partnership with Mercy corps. 300 people of mixed gender, ethnic and religious backgrounds have learned marketable skills in addition to peacebuilding training in areas including coexistence and non-violence.
  • Youth coalition in Neynawa and Kurdistan: funded by Un ponte per and in collaboration with Al-Masala, over a period of 3 years the project worked with minorities through activities including training, seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • The role of media and building peace: funded by Norwegian People Aid, this project trains journalists in peace journalism.
  • Atyaf festival for coexistence: with the participation of 500 ministers, media, youth groups, religious leaders, women groups academics and teachers.
  • Promoting and supporting women rights: funded by Norwegian People Aid, targeted 500 women from different backgrounds over 6 months.
  • Sports and peacebuilding: the organisation has organised a number of sporting events aimed at promoting co-existence.
  • Curriculum reform: in cooperation with the Civil Minorities Alliance, AFSL is working to modify the national curriculum to include topics related to the history and culture of minorities in Iraqi.
  • Zahrat Nisan: an online magazine focusing on topics related to peace coexistence and human and minority rights.


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