Arab Jewish Community Center

The Arab Jewish Community Center in Jaffa is a unique gathering point for Jews, Muslims and Christians, offering a wide range of community activities.
Last updated: December 2013

The Arab Jewish Community Center in Jaffa:

  • Works as a point of gathering for Jews, Muslims and Christians, as well initiating activities of familiarity and partnership between cultures in humanitarian terms and equality.
  • Is located in the heart of a multi-cultural city and is a unique site of community for Islam, Christianity and Judaism.
  • Maintains various international connections with a variety of countries, with the intention of promoting a model of co-existence.
  • Develops cultural activities via various forms of art and exposure to the various traditions and cultures arising out of all religions.
  • Offers quality services in all areas of informal education and culture to the residents of Tel Aviv, Jaffa and its surroundings.
  • Ensures cooperation and communal collaboration within the activities of the Cultural Center.
  • Supports the promotion of the individual and the group, towards community involvement and collaborative action, based upon the improvement and enrichment of the life of the community.
  • Offers a variety of programs and activities based on community needs with the intention of reaching the widest age bracket and groups.
  • Offers personalised relations based upon professional services, the fostering of excellence and equal opportunities.

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