Aparajeyo-Bangladesh (AB)

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Aparajeyo-Bangladesh is a national child rights organization working with at risk children in Dhaka city.
Last updated: September 2016

Aparajeyo-Bangladesh (AB) is a national child rights organisation. Since 1976 the organisation has worked with children living in and around the slums of Dhaka City, Bangladesh. Its goal was to reduce poverty, distress and vulnerability caused by the harshness of slum life. In 1989, another programme commenced to provide services to children who live on the city’s streets or amongst its public buildings. Over the years, Aparajeyo has expanded its support to promote and protect the rights of other socially excluded children.


All of the organisation’s programmes are expected to create spaces and promote processes designed to enable and empower children to express their views, to be consulted and to influence decisions in all matters affecting them in accordance with their age and development.

AB works in close collaboration with International Organisations, UN bodies and different ministries of the Government of Bangladesh including Terre des homes Foundation, Milano, Italy, Terre des homes Foundation, Lausanne, Switzerland, Manusher Jonno Foundation, and UNICEF.


AB ensures social protection, development and rehabilitation of vulnerable street children through services such as safe shelter, nutritious food, psychosocial interventions, preventive & curative treatment, non-formal & formal education, skills & vocational training, job placement and social reintegration, and family reunion.

Additionally, the organisation provides basic education and day care support to slum children through 12 day care centres and 4 community based education centres in Dhaka city.

It also ensures nutritious food, treatment, psychological, recreational & legal support, children’s participation, capacity building and vocational training to the children. Furthermore, it initiates community mobilisation campaigns through organising parents and community meetings.

Children in a Street Situation

The Children in a Street Situation (CSS) project of AB intends to have a positive, empowering psycho-social impact by developing active participation, learning and advocacy in combating social exclusion and stigmatisation.

An aim of the project was to protect, empower and facilitate alternatives to the life of children in a street situation, who otherwise remain at risk of exploitation, violence and abuse. It also emphasises enhancing their knowledge, skills, and capacity so that they can become aware of their rights, protect themselves and their peers from abuse and exploitation by influencing and involving local community people & public representatives in terms of prevention, protection and rehabilitation.

Community Actions for Child Protection from Violence

Community Actions for Child Protection from Violence is a project intended to raise awareness amongst children on violence and gives capacity building support to protect them.

Bondi Shishu Ki Jege Acho

This video documentary shows how the street children become the victims of conflict with the law and what sufferings they undergo in jail.


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