Association Des Rescapes Des Massacres de Makobola (ARMMK)

ARMMK focuses on developing inter-ethnic peaceful coexistence and conflict resolution at a grassroots level in DR Congo. They are made up of survivors of the Makabola Massacres.
Last updated: November 2017

The Association of Survivors of the Makobola Massacres (ARMMK) was founded in 2007 and focuses on developing inter-ethnic peaceful co-existence and conflict resolution at a grassroots level. The organisation provides training to survivors of violence and people traumatised by war in order to build a society without murder or hatred. ARMMK focuses particularly on widows, children, orphans, and the vulnerable, training them in income generating activities in order to alleviate isolation and encourage socioeconomic development.

ARMMK contributes to developing a sustainable peace by targeting specific populations and helping them to regain their confidence in each other through truth and forgiveness. Methods include seminars, reflections, and studies.  The organisation believed that seminars organised by the Congolese government pushed aside certain vulnerable groups, reducing the likelihood of achieving peace. The work of ARMMK has meant that these vulnerable groups have found a thirst to build a non-violent society at a community level, meaning long-lost trust can begin to be re-built. Impact has been shown by the fact that communities which previously found it difficult to communicate now cooperate without problems, trading and exchanging information freely.

Seminar on Peaceful Cohabitation

In 2009, ARMMK organised a seminar on peaceful cohabitation in Fizi and Uvira. They have kindly agreed to share their report with readers of Insight on Conflict. It can be downloaded here (pdf).

Map sent in by ARMMK to show the region of South Kivu where they work

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