Asociación de Lisiados de Guerra de El Salvador “Héroes de noviembre del 89” ALGES

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The Asociación de Lisiados de Guerra de El Salvador supports those wounded and disabled in the Salvadoran civil war.
Last updated: January 2016

ALges 3 The Asociación de Lisiados de Guerra de El Salvador “Héroes de noviembre del 89” (Association of the Wounded of the Salvadoran War, 'Heroes of November 89', ALGES) was established in 1997, five years after the end of Salvadoran civil war which left around 40,000 injured.

Its mission is to promote and defend the rights of those wounded and injured in the war, helping to improve their quality of life, take care of their interests and ensure their rights are fulfilled. Founded with the participation of 423 people based on the principles of democracy, transparency, equity, social justice, unity and solidarity, it has since then fought in particular for the implementation of Salvadoran law on supporting the victims of the armed conflict, DL 416.

ALGES has four main areas of work:

  • Territorial organisation
  • Political incidents and mobilisation
  • Strengthening productive capacity
  • Institutional strengthening Alges2


  • ALGES is the largest disability association in El Salvador, with more than 7,000 affiliated members.
  • Its coverage has extended to all 14 departments of the country, with 11 elected departmental bodies and three departmental committees.
  • ALGES has led work to reform laws governing the protection of those wounded and disabled by the conflict, and continues to work for further reform on issues relating to pensions, health and other issues.
  • ALGES has supported the workplace integration of 160 people with direct and permanent employment through signing agreements with five municipalities for the management of 34 public baths and a car park.

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