Association Abishyize hamwe ba Mvuzo

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Abishyize hamwe ba Mvuzo means 'those who come together of Mvuzo'.

The Association Abishyize hamwe was created in 2012 with the objective …

Last updated: December 2015

Abishyize hamwe ba Mvuzo means 'those who come together of Mvuzo'.

The Association Abishyize hamwe was created in 2012 with the objective of providing a meeting ground where genocide survivor widows and women whose husbands were in prison for their alleged role in perpetrating the genocide could meet and engage in a mutual healing and reconciliation process.

Main activities and achievements

The members of Association work on the basis of the inevitability of having to live together and the necessity of supporting each other throughout suffering and hardships. They work with local leaders and have established a structure to enable them to respond to the pressing need of restoring social relationships for women affected and providing mutual support. The association has helped them create a space for dialogue and sincere exchanges.

The organization has helped build trust and remove suspicions and stereotypes between the women, allowing them to develop joint income-generating activities. They have been supporting each other in cultivating their land. They have a joint plum growing project which helps them to come together frequently and develop their socio-economic status. The women have established a culture of helping one another, paying visits to one another, and assisting those in need by cultivating their lands. Everyone also saves 500 RWF every month so that they can rotate the money; giving each other loans to support their work.

The Association's members, regardless of their differences and victimhood, organise monthly visits to a genocide site located in their area, as well as carrying out cleaning and flower planting activities as a way to commemorate and pay tribute to those who were killed during the genocide. At the end of the visit they explore and discuss different issues that affect their unity, share their concerns, and develop joint strategies to address them. They also look at what can reinforce their solidarity and cohesion, existing opportunities or any other idea that can help them to enhance their socio-economic development.

In the past, the association benefited from support from Search for Common Ground in its 'Maximising impact of reconciliation in Rwanda' project. In a phone interview, the president of the association, Providence, said that they have gone beyond the divisions and are now supporting each other for sustainable development. Good relationships were restored.

''We are one people and work together to improve our socio-economic status'' commented Jean.

Find out more about Association Abishyize on Genocide Archive of Rwanda.

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