Association ATINATI

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Association ATINATI works to promote the establishment of an educated, tolerant and free society in Georgia.
Last updated: December 2017

Association ATINATI

Association ATINATI Was established in 1995. It was first public (Non Governmental) organization in Zugdidi and continues to function successfully up to present.

Association ATINATI’s mission is to promote the establishment of an educated, tolerant and free society. For this ATINATI implements projects aiming at rising citizens’ competence, protecting their rights and strengthening opportunities. The organization supports the development of civil society in West Georgia and raises the informational awareness of its citizens.

The Organization especially cares about vulnerable groups, among IDPs (considering the region’s location).


At present ATINATI works in following directions:

  1. Development of civic society:

In this direction, together with different donors, ATINATI implements the following:

  • Programs of non-formal education for young people, children and teachers. Our organization establishes youth clubs in public schools, cares about enrollment and qualification of teachers, and works with parents. ATINATI is involved in EU funded program “ERASMUS +” and implements youth exchange programs. In the frame of European Voluntary Service ATINATI hosts European volunteers and sends Georgian ones to different organizations of Europe.
  • ATINATI intensively cares about raising informational awareness of the society, about the concept of “Voluntarism” and is actively involved in voluntary and community service work.
  • The organization works with women and helps them to strengthen and develop their leadership and entrepreneur skills.
  • ATINATI creates opportunities for cooperation of three sectors (Governmental, Non-Governmental and Business) in order to make them closer to each other and to support citizens’ involvement in decision making possesses.
  • Strengthening social organizations: ATINATI ‘s Informational-Consulting Service consults non-governmental organizations of our region and supports their development by providing information and trainings.


  1. Helping Socially Vulnerable People


In this field the beneficiaries are: IDPs, victims of violence (mainly women and children) and migrants. ATINATI provides victims of violence with psychological and legal consultation and medical help; the organization works with perpetrators as well, spreads information and works on prevention. ATINATI works in the area of protecting Georgian Migrants’ Rights, and it promotes establishment of well-governed, legal migration abroad.


  1. Raise Informational Awareness of Society

ATINATI has its own means of media –Radio ATINATI (FM 105.9), which broadcasts in west Georgia (including Abkhazia). The radio broadcasts news and objective information.

Radio is very essential for the promotion of the organization and successful implementation of its strategic directions. The radio broadcasts 24 hours. Listeners always get information about the current issues in the region and the whole country.

The high level of public trust, which it has achieved, has been caused by a number of important factors:

1) A highly qualified human resources and staff,

2) Comfortable educational environment,

 3) A strong material-technical base,

4) Its own means of media, which is distinguished with high quality and objectivity (Radio ATINATI FM 105.9). More than 100 successfully implemented projects and consequently thousands of grateful and satisfied people have proven the organizations’ success. 


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