Association des Autorités Coutumieres et Traditionnelles du Tchad (ACTT)

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The Association des Autorités Coutumieres et Traditionelles du Tchad is a Chadian peacebuilding organisation founded in 1993.
Last updated: July 2015

The ACTT coordinator leading a conflict mediation session. The ACTT coordinator leading a conflict mediation session.

The Association des Autorités Coutumieres et Traditionnelles du Tchad (Chadian Assocation of Customary and Traditional Authorities, ACTT) was founded in 1993. It is dedicated to supporting and promoting local mediation work relating to disputes over access to natural resources including water and grazing land.

In the last 15 years, it has developed three main projects:

  • A conflict resolution project running in schools, since 2002.
  • A peacebuilding awareness-raising project financed by the UNDP in 2013.
  • A farmer-herder mediation project in partnership with Eirene International in 2000-2001, financed by Cordaid and the German Development Ministry.

These projects have focused on the development of the following activities:

  • Peacebuilding awareness raising activities, with at least several dozen participants from each village:
    • Advocacy strategies to help lobby decision-makers.
    • Conflict resolution and reconciliation sessions.
    • Demarcation of seasonal migration routes.
  • Technical training sessions with 50 participants each:
    • Technical training in conflict management and mediation.
    • Training in communal natural resource management.
    • Training in note and minute-taking for verbal reconciliation processes.
    • Training in how to conduct damage assessments.

These projects have had a signifiant impact on community relations, helping to reestablish dialogue between pastoralists and nomads. This work is being built on for the future, with several projects in the pipeline:

  • Extending the reach of the awareness raising and training projects across Chad.
  • Continuing lobbying and advocacy efforts at all levels.
  • Increasing the ability of local and traditional authorities in Chad to manage and resolve conflicts.

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