Association Jeunesse Cœur Ouvert de SYA (AJCOS)

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AJCOS works otwards the socio-economic development of the Houet province and the professional development of youths.
Last updated: June 2015

The Association Jeunesse Cœur Ouvert de Sya (Open Heart Youth Association of Sya, AJCOS) was founded in 2005. Based in Bobo-Dioulasso, AJCOS has about 100 members and is working towards the socio-economic development of the Houet province and the social and professional integration of youth into society.

AJCOS works towards:

  • Promoting access to knowledge and the personal development of children out of schooling.
  • Promoting the professional training and self-employment of young people (one youth, one job.
  • Creating multifunctional centre for youths.
  • Developing cooperation for sustainable development and solidarity.
  • Promoting peace, democracy, human and civil rights.
  • Raising awareness with young people of  sexually transmitted diseases and other illnesses.
  • Promoting environmental education.
  • Initiating and promoting activities on gender and rural development.
  • Promoting socio-cultural and sport youth activities.

AJCOS has around 100 members and its executive bureau works with 7 members and 2 auditors. Its activities have included:

  • Raising awareness with youth on a culture of peace.
  • Training on the proliferation of light weapons in partnership with Amnesty International Burkina Faso
  • Advocating to members of the authority on the prevention of conflict during the elections in 2012, in partnership with ROJALNU-OMD.
  • Education of children in difficulty throughout schooling

AJCOS works in partnership with other organisations such as Amnesty International Burkina Faso; the Regional Directorate of youth, professional training and employment of Haut-Bassins; the Regional Directorate of social action and national solidarity of Haut-Bassins; the Regional Directorate of national education; the Regional Council of Haut-Bassins; the commune of Bobo-Dioulasso; and Regional Council of Youth of Haut-Bassins (CRJ/HBS).

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