Association Jeunesse pour la Paix et la Non-violence

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AJPNV was created to promote a culture of peace and non-violence among the Chadian youth.
Last updated: November 2019

The Youth Association for Peace and Non-Violence (Association des jeunes pour la paix et la non-violence, AJPNV) is a Chadian civil society organization registered in 2000. The organization is a member of the :

  • International Rehabilitation Council for Victims of Torture
  • International Health Federation and Human Rights Organizations
  • Network of the Organization for the Fight against Torture in Central Africa
  • Rehabilitation Centres for Victims of Torture in Sub-Saharan Africa

The objective of the AJPNV is to "contribute to the promotion of a culture of peace, non-violence, the promotion, protection and defence of human rights, the rehabilitation of victims of human rights violations and the creation of a truly democratic state based on the rule of law in Chad".

The founders of AJPNV believed that the conflicts in Chad could be resolved without resorting to violence. The organization was therefore created to promote a culture of peace and non-violence among young Chadians, which is crucial for the country. The AJPNV understands that peace can only come from the entire population, and young people in particular can be directly involved in conflict resolution through education, communication and dialogue between different sections of the population in Chad.

AJPNV has four specific objectives:

  • To promote a culture of peace and non-violence;
  • To prevent conflicts through education, communication and dialogue;
  • To support the rehabilitation of victims of violence by providing them with free medical, psychosocial and legal assistance;
  • The reintegration of women who have been subjected to domestic and sexual violence by providing them with free medical, legal and psychological assistance and by offering them vocational reintegration training.

Some of its named projects include :

  • Youth, Peace and Development
  • Promotion of good governance, democracy and peace
  • Rehabilitation of women victims of sexual violence

These projects aim to build the capacity of young people, women, civil society organizations and those working to support peace, human rights and good governance. The AJPNV organizes workshops, providing a safe space for debates and awareness campaigns.

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