Association nigérienne de lutte contre la corruption (ANLC)

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The ANLC's main objective is the fight against corruption in Niger.
Last updated: December 2017

The Association Nigérienne de Lutte contre la Corruption (Nigerien Association for the Fight Against Corruption, ANLC) is an apolitical, non-denominational, not-for-profit association created in 2001. Its main objective is the fight against corruption through :

  • The promotion of reforms aiming for more transparency in the management of public and private sectors;
  • Denouncing and combatting all practices of corruption that come to its knowledge in the management of private and public sectors;
  • Promoting of an ethics of moral integrity; and
  • Promoting transparency and responsibility in commercial international and national transactions.

Structure of the organisation

ANLC is made up of technical commissions on the regional level. These include commissions on:

  • Money laundering, human trafficking and fraud;
  • Land-ownership;
  • Governance and the fight against impunity; and
  • Climate change and humanitarian aid
Each commission is made up of four members: a president, a rapporteur and two members. The commissions produce bi-annual reports formulated as recommendations.

ANLC also works locally in anti-corruption clubs. These are made up of citizens of all ages and profession and serve as local relays for ANLC’s work in the fight against corruption. Each club uses a code of good conduct and a guide for good function.

Successful activities include:

  • Raising awareness on electoral corruption.
  • Election monitoring
  • Press releases to denounce corruption
  • Editorials in support for the fight against corruption
  • Parlementary day on corruption awareness
ANLC is represented in the following institutions:
  • National Council on Public Market’s Regulation
  • Interministerial council of the ITIE
  • ITIE consultation committee
  • Information and claims bureau of the fight against corruption and violations department


  • Study on the perception of corruption by actors of the education sector in Niamey
  • Report on election monitoring in Niger
  • Report from the Corruption in Africa Seminar on the ‘case of Niger’
  • Study on the corruption in the education, justice and health sectors
  • State of Corruption in Niger
  • Report on the Parliamentary Day on the fight against corruption
  • Report on the training of civil society actors in the fight against corruption
  • Report on the financing of Political parties in Niger
  • Report on the National Evaluation of studying and traceability of spending linked to the primary education sector with Africa Education Watch.
  • Report on the evaluation of the national system of integrity in Niger

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