Asociación de trabajadores campesinos del Huila (ATCH)

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ACTH works with the rural communities of the Colombian state of Huila in the search for a resolution to armed and social conflict in Huila and Colombia.
Last updated: August 2015

The Asociación de Trabajadores Campesinos del Huila (ATCH) was founded with the vision of creating an organisation to serve the needs of the rural population. The Asociación enables the interests of Huila’s rural population to be expressed as a united whole, and as such increases the involvement of the population in the decision making process on issues that affect them. With the voice of the rural community united, ATCH plays an important role in the construction of proposals that work towards the resolution of armed and social conflict in Colombia.

As well as actively participating in processes seeking solutions of the Colombian conflict, the Asociación works and fights for the improvement of living conditions for the rural population and for the rural sector in general. It hopes to create conditions that will allow peace to emerge.

This work is based in the following areas:

  • The defence of the rural population’s rights.
  • The promotion of plans for rural development and self-governance that allow for the strengthening of the rural community.
  • The creation of spaces to allow for the pushing forward of land reform issues.
  • The demanding of technical assistance to allow for improved production, commercialisation and financing in the rural sector.
  • The strengthening of civil society organisations.
  • The protection of human rights.

ATCH operates in the south-western state of Huila. The organisation is made up of local farmers of all standings, from the farm owner to the farm worker. Since its inception in 2007, the Asociación has been relentless in its efforts to promote and defend the interests of Huila’s rural population. This is fundamental for ATCH in the search for peace in Huila and in Colombia.

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