Association Tuniso-Euro Med des Jeunes (ATEMJ)

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ATEMJ works to deepen connections between Tunisia and the EU, and views peacebuilding as a key result and necessary outcome of its work.
Last updated: November 2015

The Association Tunisian-Euro-Mediterranean Youth (ATEMJ) is an NGO that created by a group of young people. The team of 12 people works to deepen connections between Tunisia and the EU. Although a cultural organisation, ATEMJ views peacebuilding as a key result and necessary outcome of its work. It concentrates on the exchange of ideas and dialogue, seeking to establish good relations with Tunisia's European partners.

ATEMJ pic Image credit: ATEMJ.

ATEMJ aims to:

  • Work for closer and stronger relations with Euro-Mediterranean countries.
  • Enhance students and children’s knowledge and raise their cultural awareness in order to become involved in the reconstruction of Tunisia.
  • Consolidate the concepts of openness, tolerance and acceptance of others in different social strata.
  • Contribute to the establishment of a cultural bridge between young Tunisians and Euro-Mediterranean youth, to exchange knowledge and experience and access other cultures.
  • Contribute to the integration of Tunisian culture in the Euro-Mediterranean space.
  • Contribute to the dissemination of the principles and values of democracy.

The Euro-Mediterranean relationship has developed well since the independence of the various states that cover the Mediterranean basin, and in this context ATEMJ is working to create a Model European Union (MEU) in Tunisia as a starting point for its key objective of supporting Tunisian efforts to obtain advanced status as a strategic partner of the EU.

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