Action Works Nepal (AWON)

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AWON works with poor, excluded and vulnerable people in Nepal, promoting human rights, equality and empowerment.
Last updated: November 2017

Action Works Nepal (AWON) works with poor, excluded and vulnerable people in Nepal, promoting human rights, equality and empowerment, helping the nation move towards peace, growth and sustainable development. AWON works in some of the most remote and conflict affected areas of Nepal – specifically Karnali and the far west for rural transformation through peacebuilding. AWON from the inception period is engaged in Humanitarian support.

After the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal in April 2015, AWON actively engaged in the emergency response and relief work providing food, shelter and other essentials to the survivors. AWON deployed more than 100 volunteers in the 8 most affected districts. AWON reached more than 12,000 earthquake people directly in emergency relief support. AWON has also worked in rehabilitation and recovery work in those areas.

AWON's work covers issues such as:

  • Women's empowerment
  • Education support
  • Livelihood improvement
  • Peacebuilding
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Humanitarian support and disaster response


Miteri Gau (Let’s Live Together) campaign - a culture for peacebuilding across globe.

The organization sees a definition of \"Peace\" for rural, poor and conflict affected women as to have food, education and health for her children and freedom and dignity at home, street, workplace and everywhere. Jumla is one of the most conflict affected districts in Nepal. Since 2006, there is absence of war but no peace. Children are living on farms and in forests; women and girls are made to live in cowsheds during their menstrual period; the maternal death rate is 400/100,000 live birth (National figure is 170/100,000), women literacy rate is 41%, global acute malnutrition is 13%, Severe malnutrition is 4.4%, Anemia in under 5 years children 53%, Anemia in women (15-49 years) 33%, life expectancy is only 47 years compared to the national average of 70 years.


Because of these issues AWON launched activities with the “Miteri Gau-let’s Live Together” programme. The most marginalized communities are identified through “power mapping” tools and mobilized for their most urgent and basic needs by themselves. Action Works Nepal facilitates the process of providing basic needs, claiming their rights and sustaining their achievement through policy advocacy and governance.


Women, Peace and Security Program

AWON has been engaging with political parties in Jumla in order to make them more accountable on UNSCR 1325, 1820 and other women's rights and human rights instruments and national policies.


  • AWON has mobilized 66 community groups to engage in fortnightly discussions on emerging issues of their community.
  • Women groups has established a group savings fund to enable women to start businesses.
  • Support groups for women and men to receive eductation and trainings on issues such as sexual and reproductive health rights, gender and gender-based violence, women rights, etc.
  • Telephone helpline to provide SRHR support to women, men and youths.
  • 4 villages in Jumla and Kalikot declared "Chhaupadi Free Villages".
  • Established and operated Miteri birthing center in Sunnigaun VDC, one of the remote villages of Jumla.
  • 21 School Management Committees are supported to ensuring quality education.
  • Provided full scholarships to two girls from Jumla to become nurses.
  • Established the Miteri Children Learning Center in Jumla where 15 dalit children aged are enrolled
  • Miteri Peace Learning Center, a place for study, research, held discussion, meditation, orientation for young children, youths, women, and men. Peacebuilding projects are developed.
  • "Ganga Devi Peace Award" to recognise and honour community-level peace leaders in Nepal.
  • Engaging with political parties, police, and media and journalist to make them more accountable on UNSCR 1325, 1820, transitional justice , peacebuilding and human right's.


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