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Basement is an organisation that uses the medium of arts and expression to create a culture of peace and tolerance in Yemen.
Last updated: November 2017

Basement was established in Sana'a in 2009 with the aim of creating a comfortable and artistic atmosphere where youths can display their talents and develop their abilities and skills. It envisions contributing to the social and cultural development of the Yemeni society through values of liberty, equality and peaceful coexistence.

To do so, it relies on three core principles that have defined its work so far. Mutual work which implies a team effort and collaboration in the implementation of their project. A high ceiling of freedom meaning no censorship on members' opinion, and the principal of neutrality in that Basement remains free from political affiliations and intellectual inclinations. 

Basement activities

  1. Knowledge Exchange Forum (KEF) - established as early as the organisation itself. This program has run 305 different weekly activities since 2009. It aims to share ideas and information with individuals who have a special interest in arts and other creative works. 
  2. Lumiere Cinema - implemented in 2013. It provides an opportunity to display local creative cinema works, teach photography techniques and attract peoples' attention to the art of the cinema. 
  3. The Think-Tank project offers a discussion on various political issues through the use of field experts and the creation of workshops to elaborate solutions to those issues. 
  4. Alternative Policies is an interactive political and technical project that aims to introduce various political and social issues on Yemen through different art styles 
  5. Free training courses of different activities to improve Youth's skills. Basement provides the trainees with all the needed facilities. 
  6. Spaces - a free space that accepts people with different backgrounds and provides a safe atmosphere for youths to communicate. It also aims to improve youths' ability to discuss and engage with their ideas. 

Basement objectives

  • Support the youth through the creation of a cultural atmosphere where they can bring and develop their talents 
  • Provide a foundation where youths can be greatly inspired with productive ideas that significantly contribute to the promotion of inclusiveness regardless of colour, gender and beliefs
  • Develop the artistic skills of the youths and help them share their knowledge and professional experiences 

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