Building Relationships In City Center (BRiCC)

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Building Relationships in City Center (BRiCC) helps equip communities in Nigeria with the skills develop and run programmes intended to build up and restore broken relationships and building stronger communities.

Last updated: July 2021

Building Relationship in City Center (BRiCC) came into existence in November 2011 as a grass roots effort by a few persons in the city of Jos.

The city was ravaged by crisis which has caused division among the people. BRiCC help the community ravaged by the effects of the crisis to begin healing themselves and providing hope for the people.


In January 2012, Building Relationships in City Center (BRiCC) opened its door to help equip the community to develop and then run programmes offered in BRiCC. These programmes are intended to build up and restore broken relationships, building a stronger community.

BRiCC has a Vision Statement as to develop a stronger community and provide the resources for self development. More so, BRiCC Mission Statement is to engage, empower and impact our community through education and uniting people through healthy relationships.

The effect of crisis witnessed by people can be devastating; BRiCC runs a programme that is developed in Africa called The Tree Of Life Trauma Healing. It is a workshop where people can share their losses and traumas within a safe environment. This programme gives them permission to heal, love and grow also giving them the chance to learn about other involved.

In engaging and empowering, BRiCC achieve this through its education programme, BRiCC educate children, youth, adults (male and female) literate or not, across age barriers as well as religious identities and ethnic nationalities. We achieve this by teaching English, Maths, Computer along with Civic and Social Responsibilities. Our educational programme prepares people to stand united so they build their community up where they live and environs, rather than destroy it through mistrust and suspicion. Education also enable them more effectively to understand the lies of extremist, to realise their self worth and the importance of growth to their lives.

BRiCC also has the Ladies Skill Acquisition knowing that every woman plays an integral part in her community and in the life of her family and children. BRiCC encourages women to become actively involved in community building through relationships in other to build a firm foundation of hope for the future. Women from different religions and ethnic backgrounds learn and train together.

The programme has four stream; Catering, Makeup, Cosmetology, Decoration and Event Management. The training equips the women to fend for themselves, family and extend a helping hand to the less privileged.

The women become more independent and able to defend and take care of their homes when the strong wind of trouble blows. Women from the Christian and Muslim communities, who would never visit each other’s homes now eat and bake together. The bond of relationship has been created.

The programme of BRiCC has been achieved and will continue to grow as the Core Value of the organisation are upheld by love, unity , peace, humility, faith, relationship and transparency as BRiCC adds value to humanity.

BRiCC has successfully graduated over 6,000 students from its education programme from inception to date. They ladies skill acquisition programme has also graduated over 2,000 students from its training. There are programme/ activities that the community where BRiCC reside have benefited from. BRiCC also organises sensitization/ awareness on current issues that will be beneficial to the community such as health education, peace education and child prevention (child abuse).

The international partners are; Irish Aid and The Canadian High Commission.

The local partners are; Hill Crest School Chapel, Tekan Peace Desk and Centre For Peace Advancement In Nigeria.

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