Building the Syrian State Current

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Building the Syrian State Current is a non-violent opposition group. It organises meetings and democracy-building workshops among Syrian youth.
Last updated: July 2016

Building the Syrian State Current was established in September 2011, in Damascus following a preparatory conference of over 190 opposition figures that was convened on June 27, 2011, by longtime activist and writer Louay Hussein, who later became co-founder.

Building the Syrian State Current is a non-violent opposition group whose members organise meetings and democracy-building workshops among Syrian youth in the hope of building an inclusive foundation for a post-Assad government. It brings together individuals from various ideological backgrounds and calls for the establishment of a democratic civil state in Syria.

Building the Syrian State Current believes divisions within the opposition negatively affect the struggle against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad but has refused to join the larger, better-known opposition coalitions—the Syrian National Council and the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change—regarding them as ineffective and unable to serve the interests of the Syrian people adequately. It opposes outside intervention and armed opposition and favors a diplomatic solution to the conflict


  • Building a democratic civil state that achieves social justice via cooperation and involvement with all parties and social factions to reach a win-win solution for all Syrians that avoids dividing them into winners and losers; a solution that makes all Syrians winners regardless of any political and cultural differences.
  • Fostering active and open participation on the political stage, contributing through its projects and programmes to empower Syrians and in particular young people to participate actively in public affairs in a constructive manner, and mobilising them to bring an end to the regime and transform Syria into a democratic and civil state for all Syrians.

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