Centre d’education et development de Fizi (CEDEF)

CEDEF provides programmes in participatory development and peacebuilding and reconciliation, non-violence and peace education in DR Congo
Last updated: November 2017

Centre d’education et development de Fizi (CEDEF) provides programmes in participatory development, peacebuilding and reconciliation, non-violence and peace education in DR Congo. It was established in 2003 and is based in Fizi territory. CEDEF envisions an empowered community that is in charge of its own development and is able to independently tackle issues of poverty and justice. The organisation works to achieve this by working with vulnerable people in Fizi.

CEDEF's peacebuilding work involves providing education in peace and non-violence. They organise seminars for people and communities experiencing conflict - especially young people, religious communities and tribal leaders - to debate how they can build society without violence. The organisation is also involved in training communities to directly resolve conflicts peacefully.

Recent activity

Women's empowerment and capacity building

Women in this programme are taught micro finance to help create small businesses within the region. This is done in self help groups that allow women to manage and set economic and social goals. The mission also trains the group Dropped Out Girls (women and girls who were unable to complete their education) in dress making skills to allow them to become independent and self sufficient.

Agro-forestry environmental protection programme

This programme aims to show local farmers how traditional practices have led to soil erosion and deforestation. CEDEF has established Forest Genetics to fight malnutrition. Agro-foresty, fruit and foliage have been planted on hills in Fizi and in south Kivu province. This programme is also combined with the Agricultural Project which trains local women farmers in short term farming and harvesting methods. This also allows for income stabilisation and enables the women to be self sufficient.

Paralegals training programme

In this CEDEF aims to increase local people's access and resources to legal aid. This involves creating a link between the community and institutions interested in the inclusive development of the community through dispute resolution and negotiation. CEDEF hopes that this project will provide another method for communities to participate in conflict resolution.

Non violence and no killing project

CEDEF, in this project, asks the questions "Is peaceful coexistence between local communities possible?" and "Can people live without killing and violence?". This project takes a participatory and active approach to understand the dynamics of violent behaviour to be able to eliminate the conditions that make them.

Mulamba Placide Kituta at CEDEF encourages any person who wishes to seek further information about their organisation. They also encourage any one who wants to assist, either with or in their programmes.

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