Center For Security Studies and Development (CENSSAD)

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CENSSAD seeks to serve as a catalyst for peace, development and democracy in Liberia and beyond.
Last updated: September 2016

Center For Security Studies and Development (CENSSAD) seeks to serve as a catalyst for security analysis, peacebuilding, conflict resolution, capacity building, development and democracy in West Africa. Its overall goal is to provide a platform to discuss the challenges posed to security, democratic governance, and development.


CENSSAD has initiated consultative dialogues between commercial motorcyclists and law enforcement officers to reverse the prevailing adversarial culture between the two groups to one where they work together on issues of concern and avert potential mob violence. Over the years, tensions between the two groups have sparked a number of violence incidents across the country, and posed a major challenge to the peace consolidation process. Commercial motorcyclists are generally perceived in Liberia as trouble makers while motorcyclists believe that they are usually treated unfairly especially when grievances are being addressed. CENSAD is working to reverse this situation.


CENSSAD is a very active member of the Liberia Early Warning and Response Network and continues to contribute to the analysis of issues brought to the attention of the network through its countrywide incident reporting system or round table discussions.

CENSSAD has established a cordial working relationship with a number of key security agencies including the Liberia National Police, the Bureau of Immigration and naturalisation and is working to form sustainable partnerships with others while continuing its engagement with the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) and the Motorcycle Unions of Liberia.

Following periods of engagement and consultation, CENSSAD is about to move steps ahead in its work. It will shortly launch a project that fosters strengthening security sector governance in Liberia. The project will strengthen civil-security relations and will last for a period of six months. This will be an opportunity for promoting civil society engagement with state security actors. Engagement will mean collaboration and possibly sharing of information that threatens peace and security.

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