Centre for Conflict Management and Transformation

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The Centre for Conflict Management and Transformation works to transform the ways in which society deals with conflict in Zimbabwe.
Last updated: December 2017


The Centre for Conflict Management and Transformation (CCMT) is an organisation working to transform the ways in which societies deal with conflict, focused on collaborative problem-solving. It was formed in 2002 under the title of Coalition of Conflict Management Trust. It partners with local government, civil society and communities to seek culturally appropriate means to strengthen societies' capacity to deal with conflicts constructively.

The organisation focuses on conflict issues that affect large parts of the community and cause polarisation, as well as conflict issues that have been or have the potential to be destructive or violent. CCMT's vision is a society where people actively participate in creating social and economic justice.

CCMT's mission is to enhance community capacity to deal with conflicts by raising awareness and creating synergies among decision makers and local stakeholders in conflict processes.

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  • To promote the transformation of social conflicts in Zimbabwe into opportunities for positive change.
  • To train groups of people in Zimbabwe to enable them to transform social conflicts in their personal and professional lives into opportunities for positive change.
  • To research, package and disseminate information on traditional and non-traditional ways of transforming social conflicts for growth and development
  • To intervene in social conflict in the home, the workplace and community, and to help the parties involved to transform them into opportunities for renewal and growth.
  • To conduct research and document traditional and non-traditional conflict transformation approaches.

In pursuit of these goals, CCMT provides training services to Zimbabwean organisations and groups, and provides conflict intervention services to individuals, groups, private sector companies and organisations. It has also established a resource centre through which  members of the public can access information on conflict management and transformation issues.

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