Centre for Youth (KVART)

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KVART is a Bosnian citizens' association working to promote peace, non-violence, democracy, freedom, equality, human rights, anti-fascism and justice.
Last updated: November 2017

KVART is a non-partisan, non-governmental, and non-profit association of citizens based on an uncompromising respect for universal human values such as peace, non-violence, democracy, freedom, equality, respect for human rights, anti-fascism and justice. The Centre’s activities are aimed at young people as the most vital part of society and also the best suited for achieving positive and lasting social change.


Mission and Goals

  • Affirmation of universal human values such as peace, non-violence, democracy, freedom, equality, respect for human rights, anti-fascism and justice in society, with a particular emphasis on sustainable peace and non-violent approaches to conflict resolution in our society.
  • Initiating, organizing and improving youth association in order to achieve common interests of all youth.
  • Encouraging active involvement of young people in social processes with the aim of improving their own position and achieving positive social change.
  • Encouraging and actively working on awareness-raising and the change of prevalent attitude towards the past, with an emphasis on active involvement of youth in these processes.
  • Affirmation and work on human rights and social integration, especially pertaining to vulnerable and marginalized groups such as young people, rural population, women, LGBT people and others.
  • Encouraging and improving the respect and implementation of workers' rights, with special focus on addressing unemployment and young workers’ rights.
  • Creating and improving alternative and critical approaches to youth culture, and encouraging use of culture and arts as a tool in achieving positive social changes.
  • Strengthening informal approaches to youth education through the creation and implementation of projects/programmes of non-formal education for young people.
  • Improvement of the socio-economic and health situation in society, especially of young people through preventive and intervention programmes.
  • Improving environmental protection and raising environmental awareness.
  • Establishment and improvement of cooperation with institutions, citizens’ associations and other relevant actors in order to achieve common interests.
  • Research, monitoring and analysis of the most pertinent needs of the society, with special focus on the needs of young people.
  • Creating, publishing and distributing publications of the association.

Main Projects

  • Youth for Reconciliation, Vol I,II and III. Supported by the Council of Europe, lasting 3 years, with more than 500 young people participating.
  • Archiving Prijedor 1992-1995, supported by Civil Rights Defenders and ZFD Forum.
  • Participating Web Platform for the Youth. An ongoing project supported by The Civil Rights Defenders.


Current international partners include The Civil Rights DefendersZFD Forum and Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

Current domestic networks and partnerships include Mreža Mira (Peace Network), Initiative for the EU Integrations Monitoring, and the Anti Hate-Speech and Hate-Motivated Crime Coalition.

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