Charter for Compassion (CFC)

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CFC teaches peace education in schools around Karachi, Pakistan.
Last updated: December 2019

The Charter for Compassion (CFC) is the result of Karen Armstrong’s (a renowned scholar) winning the 2008 TED Prize. CFC works in diverse ways through various sectors of society - businesses, with cities and communities across the globe, within educational institutions and organisations and with religious congregations and associations - to create and establish cultures of compassion locally and globally.


CFC spreads the knowledge of compassionate skills through Peace Education in schools. For this purpose, the organisation has formed Compassionate School Network (CSN). The objective CSN is to give educators the tools and training they need to teach compassion. The goal is to empower compassionate young people who will then grow up to become compassionate adults, bringing about a significant shift in the environment of the school system and a more tolerant, peaceful society. After the successful implementation of the network in schools across the country, CFC hopes to expand to universities and schools across Pakistan and globally.

Each lesson uses activities, projects, class exercises, and dialogue-based discussion activities to explore nine compassionate skills (mindfulness, courage, altruism, empathy, self compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, humility, and integrity) utilizing local texts and subject methods to improve learning abilities while highlighting these important themes and their relevance to subject content, individual action and societal change and transformation.

In a short span of time, CFC has managed to conducted workshops on compassionate skills in the following schools of Karachi:

  1. Jaffer Public School
  2. Beaconhouse Schools
  3. Dawood Public School
  4. Headstart School System
  5. BVS Parsi High School

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