Centre for Human Development and Social Transformation (CHDST)

CHDST trains and engages young people, teachers and community leaders in peaceful conflict management, democracy and good governance in Nigeria.
Last updated: October 2021

The Centre for Social Transformation and Human Development (CHDST) aims to coordinate and support a programme of social transformation and human development in Nigeria. The Centre organises training for stakeholders on various aspects of human development and social transformation, including conflict resolution, peace education, democracy, the environment and human rights.

The Centre exists to develop the human capacity for change in Nigeria. In cooperation with like-minded organisations, it seeks to transform conflict situations by training and engaging young people, teachers, and community leaders on peaceful conflict management, democracy and good governance. It believes that only by creating a culture of peace and democratically minded individuals can communities fully realise the potential of their physical and human resources.

Major achievements

  • CHDST has trained 185 teachers in conflict transformation.
  • Publications on topics such as peacebuilding in schools, student responses to violence, and young peoples' visions of peace and democracy.
  • The 'Network of Civic and Peace Education Teachers' was formed to coordinated and mobilise teachers.
  • Set up 'peace clubs' in 53 schools in Rivers and Delta states.
  • Three peace camps for students in Delta and Rivers states.
  • 500 people trained in conflict prevention and management.
  • NGO capacity building workshop on non-violent change.
  • Voter education programmes.



  1. TRAINING WORKSHOPS ON CONFLICT TRANSFORMATION: Ten Trainings -seven in Port Harcourt and three in Warri. More than 1000 persons trained.


  • Manual on Peace building in Schools
  • Research on Student attitudes and responses to violence
  • Booklet on youth vision for peace and democracy in Nigeria
  1. TEACHERS NETWORK: The Network of Civic and Peace Education Teachers was formed to coordinate and mobilise teachers for the school project what schools project. The Teachers meet twice a term
  1. PEACE CLUBS: Students are members of the Peace clubs. This is an avenue for students to learn conflict transformation and be peer mediators. Currently, the Centre has formed Peace Clubs in 53 schools in Rivers and Delta States. Sponsored by United States Institute for Peace (USIP), Ini & Wolf Von Stauffenberg and National Endowment for Democracy (NED)
  1. PEACE CAMP: The Centre organizes annual peace camps for young people from Delta and Rivers States. The camp provides an atmosphere of friendship for students to learn and practice conflict transformation. More than 1000 young persons have benefited from this training. Sponsored by United States Institute for Peace (USIP), Ini & Wolf Von Stauffenberg, Konrad Adenaueur Foundation, NED and Others 

Six training workshops were held for Emohua, Ikwerre and Ahoada East Local Governments The vision is to strengthen traditional Mechanism for conflict resolutions. About 1200 persons have benefitted. Sponsored by Konrad Adenaueur Foundation

  1. NGO CAPACITY BUILDING WORKSHOP ON NON VIOLENT CHANGE - The Centre in collaboration with the International Centre for Non-Violence organised a series of capacity building workshops for NGOs in Rivers State. Three such workshops have been held. Sponsored by the International Centre for Non Violence and Konrad Adenaueur Foundation
  1. VOTERS EDUCATION PROGRAMME IN 9 LOCAL GOVERNMENTS - The activities which made up part of this project include the following: Workshops on Voters Education, Community meeting organizing and use of technology, Street Theatre, Radio outreach and Democracy fair. The project  targetteed youth, first time voters, women and living in rural and semi-rural areas, will appreciate and participate in voters’ registration and other electoral processes. Sponsored by the National Democratic Institute (NDI)

9.PEACE AND CIVIC EDUCATION PROJECT IN RIVERS and DELTA STATES. The activities for this project covered the establishment of 20 new peace clubs in Delta and Rivers States, the training of teachers on peace and civic education as well as the holding of peace camps.  Sponsored by National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

  1. VISION NIGERIA RADIO PROGRAMME- one hour interactive weekly radio programme. The format is to facilitate conversations between the studio audience and the general public. The members of the public did participate through SMS and phone in. The themes for discussion are topical issues; however, emphasis is placed on civic participation, human rights, democracy and good governance. Sponsored by Konrad Adenaueur Foundation

11.CIVIC AND ELECTORAL EDUCATION IN THE NIGER DELTA (Peaceful 2015 Elections in the Niger Delta). In support of the 2015 elections, activities were carried out in 6 states of the Niger Delta to educate and mobilise the citizens on the need for peaceful elections. The activities include: Town Hall meetings, Road shows, street theatres, trainings, workshops, media outreach, social media, sms, jingles, etc. activities for this project cover the establishment of 20 new peace clubs in Delta and Rivers States, the training of teachers on peace and civic education as well as the holding of peace camps.  Sponsored by European Union and International Federation of Electoral Systems (IFES)

  1. STATE EMPLOYMENT AND EXPENDITURE FOR RESULTS PROJECT (SEEFOR) PROJECT. CHDST was the consultant for the Engagement of registration and documentation of potential beneficiaries for employment in Rivers State. We worked three local government of Rivers State. We were involved in collecting data, interviews and household surveys. Sponsored by the World bank, EU and Rivers State Government.


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